Hiding from the Nazis

Logan Coyle-5


Many heroes risked their life to hide Jews from the German soldiers. If caught there would be terrible consequences, sometimes death. There are a few amount of people that thought of others and had brilliant ideas to save Jewish lives.

Staying Safe

Some children that were not Jews could live freely without being noticed by German soldiers. Even though this was possible, it was difficult to do because european streets were always patrolled by German soldiers.Adults and children that could do this usually would live in hiding places such as, barns, chicken coops,and forest huts. in other places (mostly children) hid in attics and cellars, where they would have to keep quiet and still for hours. Most children were usually treated fine by their protectors but some went through physical and sexual abused by their protectors. A study in Netherlands say 80% were treated well, 15% were mistreated, and 5% were treated badly. For those who were caught hiding Jews, where harshly punished by german officials.In most situations the protector and jew would be killed by the German soldiers.


There where many deaths during the Holocaust but there where also many lives saved. In the pictures above there are just some people who made history by saving Jews from death. In the video you will see a Swiss who saved 62,000 Jews, named Carl Lutz.