Nuclear weapons

By Danny Recendez

Why are Nuclear Weapons dangerous

Nuclear weapons are dangerous to our environment, animals, and humans. They can also lead to war and will cause a lot of destruction , but they also give us protection from other countries or threats. There is a total of 17,300 nuclear missiles on the planet and only 9 out of 196 countries own them Russia has 8,500 and The United states with 8,000.

How do nuclear weapons effect humans

Nuclear weapons are deadly weapons to build and very pricey they cost up to 28 million dollars each caring 20,000 tones of TNT and source materials. Fissile materials are those which are composed of atoms that can be split by neutrons in a self-sustaining chain-reaction to release energy, and include plutonium-239 and uranium-235. Fissionable materials are those in which the atoms can be fused in order to release energy, and include deuterium and tritium. Source materials are those which are used to boost nuclear weapons by providing a source of additional atomic particles for fission. They include tritium, polonium, beryllium, lithium-6 and helium-3. While theses weapons are being made the workers are exposed to high levels of radiation even though there in special suits they still later on get cancer and many other medical problems.

How do nuclear weapons effect the environment

Nuclear weapons pose the single biggest threat to the Earth's environment, because when we make theses weapons we make them but we test them out and when they explode they let out all the chemicals and black smoke that were in them and that all goes in to the air and hurts the planet, theirs still smoke from the Model T the car made by Henry ford and that was a long time ago so just imagine how long the affect from that nuclear warhead will last were constantly testing new nuclear weapons the new B61-12 warhead is 28 million to make. These weapons damage our planet very much they ingress the green house affect all that smoke goes to the atmosphere and if it gets to think the sun ray will come in and wont be able to get out witch will cause many problems for us and the planet. They say to go green and safe the planet. But yet the United states has wasted 670 billion on nuclear weapons in 4 years when they could have have used it for something to help our country not destroy it. These weapons will protect us from our country they will protect us from things outside of this planet but they will not save this planets environment. Because of nuclear weapons and over spending in this country we are in a big debt click the first link to see.

Can nuclear weapons lead to war?

Yes, nuclear weapons can, will, and did lead to war just like when the United states invaded Iraq because formal president George Bush said in quote "they are hiding weapons of mass desertion" and they didn't even have any nuclear weapons we invaded another country saying they had nuclear weapons when we already had thousands. But all the country's agreed not to use nuclear weapons after the US dropped the bombs on Hiroshima. So if theirs ever a war all country's need to talk it out first if they can use nuclear war fair. Its better not to use it people have been getting cancer much faster now and i think they should only use them for things outside of this planet