Babylon News Report

By: Alanna W, and Kyra J


it is 1894 B.C. read more to discover more interesting things happening near you today in Babylon. like the 14 year old girl being auctioned, or the famous games and paintings. Babylon is like the funnest, most colorful place ever.


Girl Auctioned

14 year old girl named Shiniqua. auctioned off to man in the street exactly 3 days ago. he had payed 20 shekels of gold, for this beautiful lady, who was once a young one. This girl was very upset with her new man but she had to live with him because she has no rights and no choice.


Mesopotamia by aciv

new song invented!

The new song invented was called "Mesopotamia". this song was preformed on the second floor of the ziggurat.

New food for sale

There are great new prices at the fresh market. Like bananas, oranges, peaches, pineapple, grapes, apples, and green beans. all these delicious fruits are now starting at 1 strand of wheat, and 2 grains of rice. There are also great new grains and desserts. Such as: rice, corn, wheat, barley, and tobacco. these grains and desserts are starting now at 2 strands of animal skin.

hanging gardens

Hanging gardens is a wonderful site to see here in Babylon. Visit the site today at Nebuchadnezzar castle. he had built this site for his lovely home sick wife. When she saw the site she was amazed and happy. Visit this site today to see the wonderful architecture.

The new library

Ashurbanipal was a ruthless leader who had many facts, and details in his mind from Assyria, Babylon, and Sumerians, so he put them in a library. Today you can go and visit this library and check out books about them all.


Thank you for reading our newspaper. if you want to join us in the library this tuesday for our book club you are more than welcome to come thank you and have a great day.