Ms. Borgert's Weekly Buzz

September 16, 2016

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Notes from the Teacher

Hello Families!

I was sad that our Playdate had to be canceled Friday evening. I am hoping that we can find a time to reschedule! I'll keep you posted!

Thank you for the beautiful stuff bags we have received so far! If you have not turned yours in, please do so early next week if possible. I am hoping to have the students make their letters next Thursday, and I know they will love seeing what is in the bags to work with as well!

Student Conferences will be coming up in October! I will be sending information home at the end of next week so you can sign up online for a conference to talk about your child's progress and goals for the year.

Have a nice weekend and thank you again for sharing your children with me!

Ms. Liza Borgert

Academic Highlights


I have been benchmarking each child's beginning reading level this week and will finish next week. We talked about our first reading strategy, which is to use our "Eagle Eye" when reading new text. We use our eagle eye to look at the pictures and the first letter of a word to help us decode a word that may not be familiar to us. We will continue practicing using our Eagle Eye and will introduce our next strategy next week! For comprehension, we will introduce Making Connections....text to self, text to text, and text to world!

Please keep practicing letter identification and sounds, as well as reviewing sight words at home. I am so proud of the progress I am seeing already! :)

Sight words we have introduced so far: the, and, is, a, mom, dad, you, look, see, my, can, at, on, I, we, are, go, an

Next week: here, said, like

Math: We continue to explore the concepts of more, less, greater than and less than. We introduced positional words this week. Next week we will continue with our positional words and make a class book.

Math Vocabulary:

above, beside, in front, next to, behind


We read a wonderful book called "A Squiggly Story" and I absolutely loved how it focused on how we are all writers and we can all tell stories with just our pictures, a couple letters, or even squiggly lines if we aren't writing letters yet. All of our Kindergarten friends have so many stories to share with me, and I explained to them how writing is just telling those stories on paper! Using pictures, words, squiggly lines, letters....we can write about the stories we share and then share those with others. A great introduction to our Writing Workshop!

Social Studies:

We will spend next week reviewing all of our High Five Behaviors here at Thorpe Creek! We have talked about showing RESPECT, RESPONSIBILITY, SAFETY, SELF CONTROL and DETERMINATION in the classroom and school. They are doing an amazing job!

Name of the Day / Person of the Day this week!

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Important Dates

  • Every Tuesday - Library Day, return your child's checked out books by that morning in order for them to check out more! :)

· Friday, September 30th – Grandparents Day – 9:10-9:50

· Friday, October 7th – Half Day – Dismissal at 12:01, no lunch served

· Thursday, October 20th & Friday, October 21st – No school, Fall Break

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We made sight words out of shapes!

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Safe Visitor Background Checks for our Volunteers, Lunch Guests, and Study Trip Guests

ANY PERSON visiting or volunteering at any of our HSE schools must complete a criminal history check and an anti-bullying webinar EVERY 3 YEARS.

If you already have a child attending HSE schools, and have completed a background check within the last 3 years, you should have received an email notification from “Safe Visitor Solutions” including your ID card with a special bar code that can be printed or scanned directly from your SMART device. You will need to present your I.D. badge at each visit to our school.

For FIRST-TIME or RENEWING applicants, please use the following link to begin the new process:

~The cost is $13 to be paid by credit card at the time of application.

~You will receive an e-mail notification and your Safe Visitor I.D. card when clearance is received. Most are processed within 5 business days.

~If you have questions about your status, you may contact HSE Schools Receptionist Vicki Foutty by e- mail at:

TCE will begin welcoming visitors and volunteers after Labor Day!

Our Mission Statement

As a kindergarten school family it is our mission to nurture readers, writers, mathematicians, scientists, artists and creators through creativity, inquiry and play. By providing a rich and authentic learning environment students will feel safe, cared for and inspired to learn more.