Advancing the Vision

The Capital Campaign for Bishop Noland Episcopal Day School

Campaign Goal: $1.1 Million

Dollars Raised to Date: $1,236,463

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A Message from the Head of School

We are excited to announce that we have confirmed an opening date of August 2020 for the new EDS Middle and Upper School campus. Even though we should be finished with the campus around April 2020, we can use that extra time to begin introducing the campus to prospective families and students, and even run summer camps out there that year. Giving ourselves a little extra time allows us to have a finished campus complete with beautiful landscaping and a filled lake.

Our building committee is making great progress in “value-engineering” the project (i.e. finding cost-saving measures), but feel if they had more time, they could find even more value in the design phase. We want to be sure we can live up to our promises. Rushing a project like this generally leads to bigger mistakes and greater costs.

As this year and next progresses, please think about camps and activities that we can plan for the new campus. We are open to suggestions and want to be ready to show off our new facility.

Thank you so much for all your support. Your generosity has helped us reach this momentous turning point and we are so excited for the promising future of Bishop Noland Episcopal Day School.


The Reverend Boo Kay

Future Northwest Classroom Site

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Fundraising and Construction Update

Fundraising has continued for the south campus and we are thrilled to announce that we have exceeded our goal! Every additional dollar raised will enhance the campus and decrease the financed amount. In November, EDS received a $50,000 pledge from the Episcopal Diocese. We are thrilled to have the support of the church. This project will have far-reaching effects and we are grateful that those near and far see the potential in this endeavor.

Construction continues to move forward on the south campus. To date the following is ongoing or been completed:

  • The required archaeology dig is complete and nothing was found on the site.
  • A 2 ft. deep ditch has been excavated around the entire perimeter of the site to allow the site to drain properly. This has worked nicely.
  • The east side of the property has been cleared and the construction road is completed, including surfacing.
  • Fill dirt has been imported for the earthwork portion of the project.

We expect to have all earthwork for all of the buildings completed in December. Immediately following the earthwork for the buildings, we will begin all plumbing and electrical so that we can pour the concrete at the start of February.

Q&A with architect Glenn Angelle

Part III

How have you incorporated environmental sustainability into the campus?

From the start, with the “Campus Plan” layout, I emphasized designing buildings where possible with an elongation along an East-West axis. This is the most important factor. Any building in south Louisiana designed with an East-West elongation will have less sun-related heat gain and therefore will require less energy to cool. We are incorporating highly energy efficient LED lighting and using natural North light in all of our buildings. While we will need to clear many of the pine trees present on site to allow for construction we are being strategic by allowing trees on the East and West edges of the buildings to remain. They will act as sun shading for the low angle morning and afternoon sun. Our plan is harvest rain water from the roofs of buildings to use as irrigation in the school garden - which has been located on the southerly side of the campus to allow for access to direct sunlight.

Sustainability also can be measured in what you don’t do. In that sense we have worked with Boo and the school leadership to scope the project into what is required to meet the schools learning objectives and nothing more. Doing it beautifully and with efficient design and building methods adds to the sustainable efforts. The "campus plan” design also adds to the equation because it will allow for growth of the campus as future needs arise. Building along a needs-based timeline allows for proper resource management and provides for change opportunities as we continue to strive for excellence in learning.

Thank you to all our generous donors!

Mrs. Anne Adaway

Mr. and Mrs. Joey Ardoin

Mr. and Mrs. Todd Areno

Mr. Beau Barbe

Drs. Sarpreet and Gurjot Basra

Mr. and Mrs. Rusty Begnaud

Ms. Susan Blake

Mr. and Mrs. Billy Blake

Mrs. Terry Blocker

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Bonilla

Mr. Jeremy Boudreaux

Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Broderick

Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Brown

Mr. Billy Buehler

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Burke

William T. and Ethel Lewis Burton Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Burton

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Bush

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Camel

Dr. and Mrs. Brett Cascio

Kevin and Chantal Castille

Ms. Joy Castle

Dr. Stephen Castleberry

Kelli Castleberry

Nandita and Jagjit Chadha

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Chamberlain

Mr. and Mrs. Duane Clemmons

Mr. and Mrs. William Condos

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Cox

Mr. Stephen Cox

Mr. and Mrs. Earl Daigle

Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey L. Davis

The Honorable and Mrs. Clayton Davis

Rev. and Mrs. Seth Donald

Mrs. Sally Dondis

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Doucet

Mitch and Linda Drost

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Duplechin

Mr. and Mrs. Phil Earhart

Mr. Derrick Edwards and Dr. Lakisha Edwards

Mr. and Mrs. Billy Edwards

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Elliot

Mr. and Mrs. Rick El-Mogazi

The Episcopal Diocese

Mrs. Lesli Ericson

Ms. Audrey Evans

Mr. and Mrs. Lane Farque

Ms. Susan Feickert

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JF Smith Group

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Juliet E. Hardtner Trust

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Reverend Frances "Boo" Kay

Mr. and Mrs. Don Kay

Dr. and Mrs. Mohammad Khan

Mr. and Mrs. Randall King

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Lawton

Mr. and Mrs. Buddy Leach

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Dr. and Mrs. Brad Lebert

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Mr. and Mrs. Walter Ledet

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Mrs. Betty Manuel

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Mr. Tanner Robinson and Dr. Danielle Robinson

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Ms. Susan Schotz

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Mr. and Mrs. Brian Skinner

Dr. Shondra Smith

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Southwest Beverage

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Tadlock

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Ms. Brittany Theriot

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Ms. Julie Van Dyke

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List reflects gifts received as of December 2018. Please contact the EDS Office of Advancement if an error has been made.

How Can You Help?

We ask everyone to pray for and encourage our committees as we continue to raise funds for our new middle and upper school. If you would like to get involved in additional capacities please call the Advancement office at (337) 433-5246 and ask for Allison Schnake, Director of Advancement.