The Gilgamesh Times

Sumer the greatest civilization

Scribe School Now Open!!!

Finally, the newest school for scribes is open. All children will learn to write in Uruk. This school is not a joke, and the teachers expect to get a lot done. All schools are for young boys only and no girls. For every student it costs 10 menas of silver. If a student makes a mistake they shall get hit with a stick.

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We're On Top

Finally, we have defeated the Akkadians in battle. We have been on top before the Akkadians took control of us and now we are back on top. It will be impossible to stop us while we are controlling Mesopotamia and with King Gilgamesh still alive. "It was hard but we got the job done. says General Fruuur. "Finally its over. Now all of the Sumerians can live in peace and quiet."
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New Inventions

There are new inventions that have been released, such as: the wheel and a razor. All of these inventions will be sold on Ishtar 1st. They will be sold by merchants. Pre-orders are not accepted.

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King Gilgamesh

King Gilgamesh is very pleased with the latest victory over the Akkads. The king of Uruk is also looking to expand the Sumerian territory even more than we have now. "We have control of Mesopotamia" he said "now it is time to expand into other areas of the world. We will be strong and we will fight until we prevail." Some people consider King Gilgamesh as 2/3 god and 1/3 man.

Epic of Gilgamesh - Part 1


A new way to travel in Sumer is to travel by camel. A lot of people like the idea and they do not have to stop for food or water as much. The people also like how they are harmless to humans and they have a great amount of stamina. The camels can also carry a ton of things. So they are the perfect tool for traveling merchants!

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In Sumer, cuneiform is the system of writing based on triangles. Since it has been invented in Sumer we have the best scribes and cuneiform in Mesopotamia. This is a huge accomplishment and we can't wait to educate the world
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Cow For Sale

"Hello, my name is Juuur Uuur and I am currently selling my cow Buur. My cow produces offspring regularly, she produces fine milk, and is 568 pounds. I am selling my cow at 15 pounds of silver. If you buy this cow you will not go wrong. Please, buy my cow."
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In Sumer we have upped our currency a lot we have a lot more money than we used to have. 15 pounds of silver, 5 pounds of gold, and 30 pounds of bronze are all alike. This is a great thing because we can now pay for things in multiple ways. This is a great step-forward in currency for the Sumerian civilization.

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Finally, our population is thriving. We currently have about 24,000 in each of our city-states and growing. When more and more offspring is produced the population won't stop growing.

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New Slaves

After the big win over the Akkads there are new slaves for us. There will be multiple slave auctions for all of these new slaves. This is a great thing for everyone in Sumer because more crops can be produced.
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Mesopotamia Test

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