December 2020

Secondary Math Updates

Updated Curriculum Documents

This year has had more than its share of challenges. We realize that it will be very difficult to cover all content in each course. We have been asked to prioritize standards for each math course for this school year only.

In most courses, probability and statistics units have been removed. Those are often stand alone units that do not affect other standards. Of course, this is not to say that this unit is not important. If teachers have time to cover probability and stats, they should do so.

The courses below have been updated. Courses not updated are left to teacher discretion.

  • Math 6
  • Math 7
  • Math 8
  • Algebra 1
  • Algebra 1 - Part 1
  • Integrated Math 2
  • Algebra 2

Compacted Math 7-8 has not been updated, but teachers may omit the probability/stats section if time does not allow it to be covered.

We realize we will need to develop strategies to fill in the gaps next year. This will be the topic of ongoing discussions.

Updated curriculum documents can be viewed/downloaded in our Digital Resource Binder.

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NEW: Content Priorities

The graphic above demonstrates how we prioritize standards in each course. Priority 1 and 2 are important to cover in each course. Priority 3 standards are important, too, but can be left up to teacher discretion (for instance, do you have time to cover them?). Non-priority items can be removed from courses for this school year.

Note, some standards may be labeled as non-priority standards because they have been moved to other subjects and are no longer part of the curriculum for a given course. For instance, some Algebra 2 standards are already covered in Precalculus.

Summary of Changes to Each Course

Download Curriculum Docs for Complete Details

Math 6

  • The Percentages unit has been moved to Grading Period 2.
  • Stats/Probability standards were removed.

Math 7

  • The Percentages unit has been moved to Grading Period 2.
  • Stats/Probability standards were removed.

Math 8

  • The unit on Solving equations with X on Both Sides has been moved to Grading Period 2.
  • Stats/Probability standards were removed.

Algebra 1 - Part 1

  • This course was not affected as much as other courses since it only consists of the first "half" of Algebra 1 and does not contain a probability/stats unit.
  • Some standards on interpreting graphs are left to teacher discretion (Priority 3).
  • Teachers may decrease the number of ALEKS days or omit MVP projects as necessary.
  • Note: Students will take the Algebra 1 EOC next year.

Algebra 1

  • On the state EOC, students are permitted to solve a system of equations by any means. They will have access to the Desmos calculator. Therefore, teachers can omit solving systems of equations algebraically and return to those standards if time permits. Focus on solving graphically.
  • The Polynomials unit has been moved up to Grading Period 3.
  • The Quadratics unit has been moved up earlier in Grading Period 4.
  • The Exponential Functions unit has been moved from Grading Period 3 to the end of the year to be covered time permitting.
  • Probability/Stats standards have been removed.

Integrated Math II

  • This course has had a major rewrite. Correlation to the Reveal Algebra 1 and Geometry books has been completed and a more detailed Scope and Sequence document has been written.
  • Probability/Stats standards have been removed.

Algebra 2

  • The Quadratic Functions unit has been moved to Grading Period 2.
  • The Inverses and Radical Functions unit has been moved to Grading Period 3.
  • Additional standards have been removed which may be covered in Precalculus.
  • Probability/Stats standards have been removed.

----- OTHER NEWS -----

Middle School Accelerated Math

We have identified students who may be interested in testing into the MS Accelerated Placement Pathway. To be selected, students must have met at least one of the requirements below:

  • Math 4 AIR score of 4 or 5
  • I-Ready test (beginning of current year) score of 514 or higher
  • Student already taking Math 6 while in Grade 5 this year
  • Student identified as gifted in Math or Superior Cog

Student letters will be sent to building principals for distribution. We are hopeful that we are able to test during the week of March 15. If not, alternative criteria may be established for selection into the program.

For program information, visit

Department Chair Meeting

Our next Department Chair meeting will be held on December 9, 2020. Our main topic will be the changes/updates to curriculum documents. Department chairs are welcome to attend the entire time, but you can also join at your specific time as listed below:

Middle School (3:30pm to 4:30pm)

High School (4:35pm to 5:30pm)


Semesters: High School

High school courses have been split into two semesters this year: X and Y. It is up to teachers to decide on whether or not to give a semester exam.

Click here to download grade calculator spreadsheet.

Enter grades, not percentages. Example: A, B+, C-

----- ODE NEWS -----

Algebra 2 Equivalence

ODE is creating alternatives to Algebra 2 for students who may be choosing a career or educational path that does not require as much Algebra 2/Precalculus content. We currently have four schools piloting a Quantitative Reasoning course. The course serves as a Math 4 option. ODE is allowing this course to count as an Algebra 2 replacement if the district decides to move this way. At this time, it will remain a Math 4 option since there is not a second year of Quantitative Reasoning to take after the first course.

Teachers/schools interested in joining the Quantitative Reasoning Pilot next year should contact Steve Hiner. Summer PD is usually required, as-is some PD during the school year. Where possible, stipends are provided.

ODE recently started accepting pilots for their new Data Science course. This course would count as an Algebra 2 credit. See below.

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