Monday Morning Memo


Good morning!

Can you believe it? Two weeks left. Don't tell Chris Ross, but I am actually catching a little bit of the Christmas spirit. He will never let me live it down! :)

We have a lot going on these last two weeks, so I will get right to it. I am out today for master principal, but I will be back for talk SMAC this afternoon. If you need me for anything urgent, text me. If not, see you this afternoon!

This week in basketball...

Great games last week! This week we play both games at home. Tonight against Kimmons and Thursday against Chaffin. Hope to see you there!

Great job cheerleaders!

Cheerleaders placed first this weekend in their competition in Hot Springs! Great job! Wish them luck as they travel to Bentonville on Saturday.

Heading to all-region.....

Good luck to our Band members as they head to all-region tryouts at Ramsey this Saturday. They have worked very hard, so wish them luck when you see them!

Talk SMAC!

Is today at 3:05 - 3:30. We will be discussing easy ways to determine if your students are exempt for semester exams, letters to send home to parents, and ways to communicate whether students are exempt with the office. We will meet in the computer lab. Come bring your concerns and solutions for school management to the team.

Semester Test Exemptions

Our policy for semester text exemptions is attached.We will cut off absences for this purpose on Friday, December 11. Teachers will notify students if they are exempt from their exam on Monday, December 14. Any Pre-AP class will not have semester test exemptions.

New deposit slip

In order to comply with internal control policies, we have a new procedure for deposits. You can no longer leave a deposit when no one is there. All deposits must be counted in front of Debbie and Terri and signed off as received by one of them. Please destroy any old deposit slips and replace them with this one. If you have any questions, please ask Debbie or myself. This process begins today. Thanks for your help in this matter!

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Have a great week! 😊 Lisa

Angel tree

We voted a year or two ago to have an angel tree in lieu of a big Christmas party or our over the top potluck battles. The Angels are on the tree and they are all our students. This year, all of a students needs are on one angel rather that separated. Feel free to adopt and angel with a friend, as a team, etc. There are several left on the tree. We will have a wrapping station in the conference room. Mrs. Garrett will let us know when we need to have the gifts all in place for the kiddos. Thanks for looking after our most needy!