Lindisfarne Liturgy

Explaining the Eucharist & Sacramental Liturgy 1

Chapel Explained

Hi Students

During this term, we have begun to celebrate Holy Communion as the primary worship service in chapel. The response from the stages has been excellent with most being very respectful and thoughtful. As one would expect, there has been an interest in participating in Holy Communion, mostly to find out what it consists of.

While I have not restricted participation, it is important that those wishing to participate in Holy Communion have some understanding of what it is and how sacred it is. The Anglican Church is a sacramental church, in that it recognises two primary sacraments (outward acts with a spiritual meaning). Holy Communion is one, Baptism with water the other. The second is traditionally necessary to participate in communion (although not necessarily Anglican baptism).

Participation in Holy Communion is dependent upon a conscious decision to partake in the the one sacrament Jesus commenced to remember his death and resurrection. Symbolically we join Jesus in this act and celebrate becoming a new person through the taking of Communion. Therefore it is a serious and sacred act to be undertaken with the appropriate respect - not just to see what it tastes like!

Shortly we will be doing some classes for students in years 6, 7 & 8 who would like to continue to participate taking Communion. The dates and times will be in your rolls.

Below there is a link to more information on what it means to be an Anglican and what happens and how you are to act in an Anglican service, such as chapel. While this a New Zealand church, the information is applicable for the church in Australia.

Please have a look at this link and come to chapel next time ready to fully participate in the service.

Fr Glenn