By Jeffrey, Jaxon, Anthony, and Josselin


Have you ever wondered how or what our government is? Our country runs on Democracy. Democracy is a form of our government. The Democracy can be broken into 3 parts or branches. These are the Judicial Branch, Legislative Branch, and the Executive Branch. These parts can later be broken up into other smaller parts. We will get to that later. We will also tell you about the Bill of Rights. Follow us as we tell you about Democracy, the Bill of Rights, and the 3 branches of government.

Democracy and The Bill of Rights. By Jeffrey Wang

The democracy and the bill of rights play a role in our government. Democracy is a form of government. It is made up of our people. It doesn’t give all power to the president like dictatorships and kings. People from the states come to Washington D.C and help the President decide important decisions. The democracy could not really run if it weren’t for a piece of paper; the bill of rights.

The bill of rights are the first 10 amendments of the constitution. These amendments give us most of our rights. For example, The 3rd amendment allows no soldier to go inside your house without permission. People can also vote for their leaders. The bill of rights also put limits on what the government could control. It also allowed people to practice religions, and gave the freedom of speech. This concludes that the bill of rights and democracy play two roles in the U.S government.

Legislative Branch By Jaxon

Today I will be telling you the most important things about the Legislative branch. Including, how many years you can run, how old you have to be, how you can be a official member of the Senate or the Congress, and what they are in charge of.

The Legislative branch is in charge of making laws for our country. There are actually two parts of this branch. These parts are the Congress and the Senate. To be an official member of the senate or congress, you have to be voted. You also have to be a U.S citizen for at least 9 years, have fulfilled the requirements for residency in the state that person wishes to represent, and you have to be at least 30 years old. You can only be in Senate for 6 years and Congress for 2.

Judicial Branch By Anthony Quilli

Today I will be telling you important information about the Judicial branch.The work of the Judicial branch is to decide the meaning of passing laws and whether laws break the rules of the Constitution. The supreme court and the nine Justices make up the judicial branch. To be a member of the nine Justices the president have to appoint the nine Justices and the senate approve of them. They can be a leader until they pass on or retire. For example, William O. Douglas served more than every other justice, he served for 36 years.

The Executive Branch By Josselin

The executive branch has the power to carry out the laws. is final it includes access to the president, the vice president and his advisory group called cabinet. Every four years, Americans voted to elect a president and vice president to ensure our goverment does the right job.

The Democracy, 3 branches, and Bill of Rights are all part of our government. This government allows us to live our everyday lives. With no government, our land would crumble and fall to its knees. Our government affects everyday of our lives. It makes sure all of us follow the rules of the supreme law of the land: The constitution.