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-Desertification: When fertile land becomes desert; typically as a result of drought, deforestation, or inappropriate agriculture

-Desertification is caused by Overgrazing, Farming of Average Land, and Destruction of plants in dry regions.

-Desertification is a huge problem in the Sahel Desert.


-Caused by high infertility rate as well as infant and child mortality rates

-Overpopulation is a huge problem in Sub-Sahara Africa


-Caused by the an all white National Party who wanted blacks and whites to have as little contact as possible. All public facilities were separated as well as where they lived.

-This was a problem in Southern Africa

Part 1 of 4 - Apartheid - Desmond Tutu & F.W. de Klerk


-Genocide: Killing a large group of people that are part of an ethnic group or nation

-Caused by the need for power, political differences, poverty, and poor government policies

-Genocide took place in the following places of Africa; Rwanda, Congo, Somalia, Sudan, Nigeria, and Uganda

Genocide: Worse Than War | Full-length documentary | PBS

Civil Wars

-Civil wars in Africa are not caused by ethnic and religious diversity, but because of poverty and economic dependence on natural resources

-Most civil wars have occured more towards northern and central africa.

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-Some major diseases in Africa include HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and Malaria

-The causes of these diseases are parasites and many more environmental factors

-Diseases are the leading contributing factor to deaths in Africa, so they are found in all areas of Africa

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How does a lack of education relate to all the problems listed above?

-The two relate in the fact that since all these African children are not getting the education they should be getting, they are being taught the African way of life. They are doing everything they can to not only get the necessities they need, but to have a living. Typically, one goes to school to get a good career and earn a living. Since they can't do that, they have to work. Them working leads to all of the problems in Africa that are caused a lot by hard working African Americans.

Rites of Passage

-A ceremony marking an important stage in someone's life


  • Rite of Childhood; A child is not to be named before its 12th birthday so they can't be identified by the spirit of death.
  • Rite of Coming of Age; As each teen moves towards adulthood, they must forgo some initiation rituals by the elders to be considered a men
  • Rite of Marriage; A male is not considered a man until he is married and has kids
Rites of Manhood: Crocodile Scars


-A language widely used in Africa and having official status in several countries.

-Typically spoken in East Africa

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-Having more than one significant other

-Polygamy is very widespread across Kenya

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-Relating to or denoting a group of Niger-Congo languages spoken in southern africa.

-Bantu occurs in South Africa

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