Travel Journal

by: Danielle R.

Mexico City

Hi, it's me, here in Mexico City. I am gathering some information about Mexico's day of the dead fiesta. The event takes place on November 1-2 connecting to the Catholic holidays of all saint's and soul's day. Traditions connected with the 3 holidays are building private altars, honoring the dead with sugar skulls, marigolds, and the favorite food/beverage of the dead, scholars trace the origins of the holiday back 100's of years to the Aztec holiday dedicated to the goddess Mictecocihuatl. The holiday has spread around the world like in Europe and Brazil. Also other similarly themed celebrations appear in many Asian and African cultures. Iv'e also observed that many families visit their loved one's graves and clean and decorate the graves. They decorate the graves with offerings. One of the offerings are orange marigold flowers. These flowers are thought to attract the souls to the altars.


Hi, its me in Cuba i have gathered some info on the government. Cuba is a communist state in which the government has lots lots of control on economy and society Cuba is the only communist state in the western hemisphere. Fidel Castro the dictator, leads. Castro often mistreats his people. Lots of people have fled to america, because they too oppose communism like the us does. that is why the us placed a trade embargo on Cuba. The health and education care is good but the economy is failing. That's why so many Cubans live in poverty. I interviewed one Cuban who said: "I wish Cuba could be Democratic like the us."


Hi, its me. I am in Equador and i am gathering some information on the geography of the Galapagos islands. The Galapagos are most famous for their unique wildlife. There are some spices that you wont find anywhere else on earth. But Unfortunately, years of contact between humans and the islands have had some serious effects. 3 of the 14 types of tortoises are extinct and others are threatened. Populations of goats, dogs, pigs, rats, and some types of plants have threatened the survival of Native plants and animals.The demand for exotic marine life such as sharks and sea cucumbers, has lead to over fishing. The government, along with environmentalists worldwide, is working to protect the islands.


Hi, It's me, in Argentina. I am gathering some information about It's History. I interviewed one of Argentina's people. "In the late 1500's, He said, The Spanish settled here. In 1816 a general named Jose De San Martin led our country to Independence. But after we triumphed, we were crushed by Civil war. But by the mid-1850's we had a stable government and our country prospered. Then, during the first half of the 1900's, the economy suffered, and the military took control. Juan Peron became dictator in the late 1940's. Later a revolt kicked him out! Military officers took control again, and they ruled harshly. When we lost the war for the Falkland Islands, the military stepped down. and, thankfully, today we are a Democratic Republic."