Time Through Space

Travel To Destinations Never Know about


Ever wanted to travel through out the universe and see unexplored destinations.......

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Well we`re going to get you there. Come travel to the deepest parts of the universe and see thing your mind would believe.


Come Explore the reddest planet you`ll ever see. Mars is the Red planet because it used to have water and the mineral of iron, there from it was rusting. you`ll be able to buy all space rock inn the Gift store

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The Worm Hole Galaxy

The Worm hole Galaxy has been a planet less place that scientists are trying to steal. You see the energy created this the giant star could change the whole universe and potentially destroy all of humanity

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Planet Of The Lost Soldier

This planet s the rarest of them all. this planet contains all the elements of the periotic tables, this could be the biggest war weapon of them all.