Staff Weekly

August 28th


No birthdays this week.

Happy Anniversary to Jen Timmerding, our school's PT. Her anniversary is August 30th.

Walking Club

Meet at the 2nd grade back entrance at 4pm Monday through Thursday to walk 2 laps around the campus after school. If it's raining, we'll walk inside. By 4:30, you'll be thankful you put on your shoes.

Coming Up...

  • Office staff mtg at 9:15am
  • Admin mtg at 10am
  • Bus driver breakfast at 8:15am in Wright's old room
  • Bolanos to talk with students in gym this morning about Munch procedures.
  • Collab planning for grade 1
  • Ballyshannon redistricting meeting at 6:30pm at Ralph Rush


  • Naglieri screening for 4th
  • Collab planning for grade 2
  • Hearing screenings for K, 1, 2 (did you sign up?)
  • Strings parent meeting in evening


  • Collab planning for grade 3
  • Lifetouch Fall photos in the gym
  • 3rd grade sped/gen ed meeting on regular plan
  • Hearing screenings for grade K/1/2 (did you sign up?)
  • I have math leadership meeting on my calendar but I don't know what that is for. Anyone?
  • Girl scout info night in the cafe at 6pm


    • Collab planning for grade 4
    • Erika out in the morning
    • Dr. Chirichello here all afternoon to observe, chat, and mentor.
    • Lighthouse Team after school


    • Spirit Day: Clash Day! Don't wear anything that matches today.
    • Popcorn Friday
    • Collab planning for grade 5
    • Embedded PD Day for paras. Choose 9am or 2:15pm. Topic: This year's WIGs.
    • At Ten Dance if our weekly attendance is 97% or higher
    • Happy Cart at 2pm. Autumn, Debbie, Monica, and Anita are delivering the cart this year.

    The Great Pumpkin Run--October 28th

    We have a Longbranch Elementary team for The Great Pumpkin Run in Ohio this fall. Check out the race site here:
    When you register, add our social team (Longbranch Elementary). We're in the 10am wave.

    PBLs for 17.18

    Please add your planned PBLs to this list. You have "edit" rights to this spreadsheet. Please update it.

    This info is also on the Lead Learners site on the front page.