Bush Weekly News

March 21 - 24

Great Week at Bush School

Our week has gone very fast and it's hard to believe we're now into the fourth quarter! It's amazing to see all of the positive things taking place in our classrooms. With Spring Break, only a few days away, the break will recharge us!

STEAM Night was very successful and we had a good turn out. Appreciated Mr. Hall and his class assisting with their projects. I was very impressed on how some of our former students came back and were so excited to be helping our students. Thanks to the Math/Science Committee for organizing and helping set up a fun filled night! Great hands on projects!!

Our Major Saver Fundraiser has gone really well. When the limo rides are scheduled, we'll pass that information along to you. This will be the last year we will be selling these cards for the Fulton Foundation.

If you have a minute, would you please give me feedback on the Wildheart Science Assembly? I thought they did a great job, but not sure how much the upper grades were engaged.

Our weather drill went smoothly. If you noted any issues or areas of being over crowded, please let me know.

Calendar Items:

Monday: Leadership team 7:15 in Mrs. Clines Class

Tuesday: Second Grade Program at 6:00; Distict Reading Committee will meet at 3:30 in the library

Wednesday: Tier 2 Team Meeting

Thursday: PBS Hot/Cold Celebration

Spring Break: March 2 - April 3 I'm encouraging our custodians to take some time off, so deep cleaning may be limited.

Mid-terms will be sent home on April 8th, so please mark your calendar.

April has the April calendar ready to go. If you have something that needs to be added, please see her right away.

As we leave for spring break, please make sure your windows are locked and your shades are pulled down. This will help with security. Please do not leave any money in your desk, for example, book order money. I'm always concerned about items disappearing.

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