My Future Project

by Jerry Cordon


60 hours every 2 weeks,120 hours a month

a range usually between $71,944-$99,114

  1. A bachelor's degree program typically consists of 120 credits spread over four years and offers an in-depth study in finance, searching it up on the internet,what else.

College/trade school

1.Richland Collee

  1. The thunder duck

  2. Richland offers:Bsiness Administration Program

  3. I will live in Dallas Texas.

  4. Steps to get in:Apply,submitGet aid,Assesment,

  5. Orientation,Advise/register,Payments.

1.i pay it by putting in work from my job,saving

Up .

places to travel

vacation spot:Whitehaven Beach – Australia

Crystal clear waters

3,400 for a private sailing cruise

  1. On the cruise ship, same 3,400

  2. Sleep o n the cruise ship

  3. The area on the beach

  4. For free

future living place

1.Texas ,Dallas


1.28 million

Atla farmers market

Good credit,deposit,money order,cash talks,dont take cash ,application progress

car options

  1. Mercedes CLK-class

    1. 10,000

    2. Put a 5,000 down payment on it

    3. Having good creit, going to the dealership .

      1. Pay 400 a mont with insurance

      2. Ask my pop to o all that extra stuff or do it myself by learning ,get someone that knows how to do it.

Monthly budget

Predict how much money you will need to spend each month on the following:



Cell phone-120$




Various life skills

  1. Signing and giving my ID,social security,drivers licenseand a of america

  2. Apply for one,miss a payment,carry over a blance interest of payment to store card.max out my cards.keep making this money.

3 digit number showing how good you are with money,savings,so you can get the stuff you want. Atleast 890 is a good credit score

  1. When im 85. And by saving up all my money into a retireing storage account.

Date,payee,amount of numbers,amount in words,signature,memo,Look good, smell good,have a smile on your face,do not be difficult,be out going and neautral,not nervous