The Odyssey

Cattle of the Sun God


Stormy are the nights that Odysseus and his crew stay in the presence of Helios the sun god and his herd on the solitary island of where they landed.

Odysseus Says:

Do not touch nor come near the cattle of Helios for he loves his herd and keeps a watchful eye.


Odysseus and his crew land on the stormy island where Helios lives.

Odysseus tells his crew not mess with the sun god's heifers

1 month passes

His crew becomes hungry

they have exhausted all their resources

Odysseus prays in solitude to the gods to save him and his crew

Eurylochus tells his crew starving to death is the worst way to die

Odysseus's crew decides to cut off pieces of the cows for sacrifice

This happens while he is sleeping

Odysseus wakes up and finds that his men killed the cattle for sacrifice

He asks gods how they could let him sleep through this

Odysseus goes to Helios and says that his men killed his cattle

Helios screams out to the gods to punish Odysseus's men

Zeus then drives a cloud of stormy weather .................. TO BE CONTINUED!!!!!!!!

Literary Terms

IMAGERY: In the small hours of the third watch, when stars that shone out in the first dusk of evening had gone down to their setting.

IMAGERY: A giant wind blew from heaven, and clouds driven by Zeus shrouded land and sea in a night of storm, So just as dawn with fingertips of rose touched the windy world.

Diction: Solitude- alone with no one

Diction: Insidious- crafty and betrayal

Diction: Contrived- Devised