2015-2016 Library News

South Central Community School Corporation / 1st Semester


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Junior High and High School Research Projects

This year our research has started with a Google Doc the students can use for websites that are useful and reliable. All students are working towards looking for information that is credible and useful to them, rather than just "googling".

7th Grade - Biography in a Bag - Ms. Glasgow

Each student chose a person to read about and research. They used a general website, online reference source and an SC database listed on their Google Doc. At the end they took a Reading Counts test over their book.

This link is a sample of a google doc that has been created for the students to use.


8th Grade - Health Club - Ms. Werner

The health classes produced a commercial, advertisement or brochure for a health club after investigating the 4 elements of fitness.

Freshmen - Banned Books - Mrs. Bules

Freshmen classes discussed banned books. They presented their banned books in a power point and focused on creating a works cited, in-text citations, and picture citations.

Freshmen Honors and Junior English - Mythology - Mrs. Barkow

The students chose one or more mythological characters and shared their stories with a PowerPoint or Prezi. Extra credit was given to students who put their character(s) into a modern day story.

Spanish - Mrs. Allen

All 3 levels of Spanish Classes went around the world to a Spanish speaking country. The projects presented at the end were:

Spanish 1 - Design a brochure

Spanish 2 - Create a commercial

Spanish 3/4 - Design a Website using Google Sites

Business Math Class - Mrs. Gilchrist and Mrs. Cauley

The students are developing an understanding of having/owning a business. Our goal is to begin working on a business that will serve SC.

Concurrent Enrollment - Dystopia - Mrs. Barkow

Before beginning the research on a dystopia, the Senior students went to PNC and were given a tour of their campus. They also went on a "scavenger hunt' in the library to find print material and were given a mini lecture on evaluating sources using the "CRAAP" method.

German - Oktoberfest - Mr. Craft

Each class level researched a tradition of Oktoberfest and presented them to the class.

Third Grade - Indians - Mrs. Walter, Mrs, Bruner, Mrs. Morrison

The focus in the library with the 3rd grade class was to work on creating a bibliography for a print source and web source they used in their research. They all displayed a diorama of their Indian tribe in the library.

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Libraries 360

  • All South Central Students and Staff have had the opportunity to look at and explore our new OPAC. The 5-12 grade students have been issued a Libraries 360 card. The "big red box" the books come in on Monday afternoon is greeted with excitement. As of October 2015, we have had over 500 books come from the public library to our school.
  • A presentation of the Libraries 360 collaboration was done in Indianapolis at the Indiana Library Federation Conference.

Mission of the Library

The mission of the South Central Library Media Center is to ensure that students and staff are users of ideas and information, promote reading, integrate technology and foster collaboration.