Mrs.Williams' Class News

We notice things.


We have completed a mini unit on measuring, and will be doing a unit on different types of story problems. Visualizing the story problem is the first step to solving, so this unit goes over the most common story problem types. This week we will be focusing on Change Plus and Change Minus problems.

Native American Awareness

In November, I like to bring an awareness to Native America. Many young children are only exposed to Native America in relation to the first Thanksgiving, a story lacking the Native American point of view. This month we focus on cultures of Native America, reading legends, making dream catchers, and honoring cultures who were on our continent long before Europeans arrived.

Grandparent's Day/Hartley Nature Center

This Friday, November 20, we open our classroom door to grandparents. We will enjoy a craft together from 10:00- 10:30.

*grand parents are welcome in our classroom any day, any time.

Friday, we also go to Hartley Nature Center after lunch to learn about Weather, our next Science unit.