FM9 & MHS9 Shared Learning Day

Located at Main Event & FM9

February 15, 2016

The February Campus PL day is a great opportunity for FMHS9 & MHS9 to collaborate, team build, and grow together. The day will begin at Main Event, Lewisville. Following lunch on your own, both campuses (excluding those notified ahead of time) will meet at FM9 to take part in an afternoon of teacher led learning.

Please bring your technology (both your iPad and computer might be useful, depending on the afternoon courses you choose).

Our day begins at Main Event, Lewisville

Monday, Feb. 15th, 8:30am

2070 South Stemmons Freeway

Lewisville, TX

Both FM9 & MHS9 will meet at Main Event, Lewisville, at 8:30 am. Come ready to bowl!

Bowling Teams (Click Here)

Attire: school shirt & jeans

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Begin Our Afternoon (12:30-12:40)

Monday, Feb. 15th, 12:30pm

3411 Peters Colony Road

Flower Mound, TX

Bring your tech & come ready for an afternoon of learning. All teachers will meet in the FM9 Lecture Hall for a brief overview of the afternoon.

Department Focus (12:40-1:30)

Combined Department Locations (12:40-1:30)

English Room: 9116

Math Room: 9112

Science Room: 9122

Social Studies Room: 9121

Art Room: 9140

Spanish Room: 9114

Teen Leadership Room: 9108

MHS9 & FMHS9 departments will meet to share successful techniques, strategies, and activities.

Learning Round 1 (1:35-2:05)

Please choose a course that interests you/fits the needs of your students. You will visit two (2) courses during this afternoon session.

Round1 (1:35-2:05)

Tech- Getting Geeky With It Room: 9121

Community Connections in Math & Science Room: 9128

Library Media Room: FM9 Media Center

Genius Hour Room: 9104

TCEA Run Down Room (MHS9): 9126

Learning Round 2 (2:10-2:40)

Please choose a course that interests you/fits the needs of your students. This is the second session you will visit in the afternoon.

Round 2 (2:10-2:40)

TCEA Run Down (FM9) Room: 9216

Differentiation for SPED/ESL Students Room: 9214

Learning Standards- All Core Subjects & SPED Room: 9202

ELA PBL Room: 9208

M X 3 (Making Math Matter) Room: 9224

Campus Departmental Debrief Sessions 2:45-3:15

Following the Learning Rounds, FM9 & MHS9 department teams will meet separately to debrief the day's work.

Debrief Sessions-FM9

English- 9116

Math- 9112

Science- 9122

Social Studies- 9121

Art- 9140

Spanish- 9114

Teen Leadership- 9108

Debrief Sessions- MHS9

English- 9202

Math- 9230

Science- 9220

Social Studies- 9204

Art- 9140

Spanish- 9212

Teen Leadership- 9108

Closure 3:20-3:30 FM9 Lecture Hall