Rowan Instructional Leadership and Educational Development


RILED (Rowan Instructional Leadership and Educational Development) is a teacher’s consortium housed in the Faculty Center at Rowan University. Our mission is to advocate on behalf of Rowan’s tenure-track instructors and to provide them with opportunities for professional development and leadership in teaching excellence on campus. To this end, the teacher’s consortium both serves the professional needs of Rowan’s instructors and opens many of its programs and resources to all teaching faculty at Rowan University, as well as other institutions.


Co-Directors: Pam Marshall (Communication Studies) and Amy Woodworth (Writing Arts)

Steering Committee: Jenahvive Morgan (Civil Engineering), Tracy Sareyka (Language, Literacy, Special Ed), Laura Shinn (Economics), Eve Sledjeski (Psychology), and Joseph Stanzione (Chemical Engineering)



Spring 2014 Programs

Workshop on Engaging Students:

We are looking for two instructors to share activities or assignments that they have found engage students in the classroom. These presentations will be around 10-15 minutes each, followed by a “makeover” session where workshop participants can get feedback to improve an activity or assignment of their own. [add deadline and fix font]

T&R Packet Peer Review Groups:

We hope to provide additional support for creating T&R packets via peer review groups; these would include a mix of instructors from different disciplines and at least one experienced instructor to serve as mentor. If you would like to participate in a group (including as a mentor), please email us [add email & deadline]