Oscar Schindler

Who is Oscar Schindler

Oscar Schindler was a man who used the Jews for forced labor to work in his factory. He saw the war as an opportunity to make a lot of money. He fit right in with the Natzi party. He became friends with many of the high Nazi officials by sendings them expensive gifts and bribing his way into a high ranking in the Nazi world. He also was known as a womanizer. Later you will read about how Oscar changed his ways and started to risk his own life to save the Jewish people.

Oscar changes

Below are some pictures of Oscars factory. Some people called it a haven. Oscars assistant was a Jew and told him stories about what was really going on in the camps. Oscar starts to feel bad for them and bribes the Jew in-charge of transportation, so they can come work at his factory. This is very dangerous because it's against the law. He also becomes very close with the Nazi officials by buying them things off the black market. Close to the end of war Oscar bribes and start to pay the Nazi's for each Jew he want to come work at his factory. When the factory starts to make ammunition that doesn't work he puts himself in a lot of danger. The Nazi party threatens to shut down his factory and send all his Jews to Concentration camps. Again Oscar finds away around it and continues to purposely make ammunition the doesn't work.