Lakota Preschool Daily Memo

By: Kelly Miller

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Policy Council Updates:
Please submit ASAP!
I still need...
Creekside B (no Later than NOON)

Support Needs Rubrics:

THIS JUST IN... These need to be completed for all children with Special Needs transitioning to Kindergarten. Please submit these to Stephanie or Kelly by February 19th.

Important Dates:
Feb. 5th- Staff Meeting (BCESC, Room A 8a-9:15a)
Feb. 5th- PSIS Only Meeting at Creekside (1-3p)
Feb. 5th- TS GOLD Finalization due by midnight
Feb. 26th- Home Visits with Tony (Spanish Translator)

Feb. 8th- Safety Checklists due

Feb. 11th- Fatherhood Initiative Dance (Liberty from 6:30-7:30p)
Feb. 12th- Conference Exchange Day (NO STAFF)
Feb. 15th- President's Day (NO STAFF)
Feb. 15th-May 14th- ELA Spring Administration Window
Feb. 16th- Shawnee Data Meetings (a.m.)
Feb. 22nd- Creekside Data Meetings (a.m.)
Feb. 23rd- Liberty Data Meetings (a.m.)

Weekly Schedule:

Kelly at Liberty & Creekside
Stephanie at Creekside and Liberty
Related Service Staff Meeting (8am @ Creekside)
Staff Meeting- BCESC, room A (8a-9:15a)
PSIS Only Meeting- Creekside (1-3p)




Floating IA (a.m.)- No Coverage
Nancy Godbold- Tracy Quinton covering
Anna Palmer- Gitana Lapinskaite covering


Educational Aide (a.m.)- Sarah Now covering

Floating IA (a.m.)- Sylvia Miner covering

Erica Hudson- No Coverage


From Nicolle:

A shout out to Candie for all of her hard work and dedication, wearing many different hats in one day. She always puts the families first and says so many great things about our Liberty team. She can truly be the glue that holds it all together on most days.


Nancy Godbold- 2/6

Rebecca Scholl- 2/27