Deciduous Forest

by Juliana Martinez


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The deciduous Forest appear in

  • madagascar
  • south east of america
  • east of australia
  • the buttom of south america



These animals live in the Forest

  • American Bald eagle -
  • American black bear
  • least weasel
  • European Red Squirrel
  • white-tailed-deer


  • As the season changes so do the leaves of the deciduous, and during the winter there is not much water to sustain some plant life.
  • About 50 degrees Fahrenhit
  • Average annual rainfall 30-60 inches

Major environmental threat to the ecosystem

The major threat to our environment are forest fires. When a tree is burning it will spread from tree to tree this causes the forest to burn down. In some fire some animals are kill and some lose there home and they will need to find a new habitat where they can adapt to it