Club DE 16s Team

Club Season has begun!!!

We've officially had our first practice!!!

Team Name

Towards the end of practice, an idea was proposed to have a team name for our club team that was more descriptive than "16s Team". I think that would be a pretty cool thing, so start brainstorming. We'll try to come up with something interesting by this Sundays practice.

New Tournament

We were on a great roll with our tournament acceptance, but that streak has now stopped. We were unable to get into one of our originally planned tournaments; the MD Juniors one on January 30th. As a result, we're looking to go to another one-day CHRVA tournament the following weekend on Feb 6th or 7th. Please check your schedules and let me know if these dates will not work for you so that I can make arrangements to pick another date to play.

Contact Me

If you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to contact me. Have a great Wednesday and I'll see you on Thursday at 7:30p back at the BOB. Have fun.