By Joshua Fazzino

Cocaine is an illegal stimulant drug. It is usually found in powder form which is sniffed and goes strait to the brain. It is made from the coca plant.


  • crack
  • blow
  • bump
  • candy
  • charlie
  • coke
  • snow
  • crystal
  • big c
  • c-dust
  • paradise white
  • pearl
  • flake
  • baysay
  • base
  • candy cane
  • white girl
  • white horse
  • zip
  • baseball
  • tardust
  • gutter glitter
  • wacky dust
  • weasel dust
  • bubble gum
  • yay and yayo

Immediate Effects

  • even sniffing crack once, can be dangerous. You can get addicted from one time.
  • sweaty
  • shaky
  • seizures
  • cardiac arrest
  • death

Long Term Effects

  • after multible bingeing your brain might repeat things.
  • Paranoid psychosis
  • depressed
  • agitated
  • maniac
  • addicted


  • Crack/Cocaine is stronger then Cocaine. The high from Crack/Cocaine is a lot stronger but only lasts about 5 minutes and the high from Cocaine is for about 30 minutes.


Seven years ago, Danny Pacheco was a successful, well-known residential salesperson in Honolulu. He had a six-figure income, a nice car, a fancy house, and industry recognition.

Then he started smoking crack cocaine.

After three years of a crack habit that was costing him up to $1,500 a day, he lost everything but 58 cents and the clothes on his back. ''I almost ended up living on the streets,'' he says.

Today Pacheco has kicked his crack addiction and is rebuilding his shattered real estate career. ''I'm thankful to be alive,'' he says.

He volunteered the story of his addiction for the benefit of other practitioners who may be struggling silently with drug or alcohol problems.


Cocaine is a terrible drug. After one time trying it is easy to get immediately addicted. Never try it. Even if you tell yourself only one sniff that could go wrong and your whole life can be ruined.