What to expect as a Freshman!

Freshman Life

Mrs. Allen teaches ninth grade English. My name is Gabby and in this class you will learn a lot. Mrs. Allen teaches many interesting things. She keeps the class exciting, she is energetic and happy. She always smiles and laughs.
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The Hunger Games

This is the first chapter book that you will read as a class. Then you will watch The Hunger Games movie. Along with that you will do a movie guide. Then you do a character chart to remember everyone. Finally you will test over everything you learned.

Romeo and Juliet

You will read Romeo and Juliet out of the literary book. It was a long story, but it was fun. You will do worksheets and study guides with it. You also will watch movie clips of it.


You will read a book called Monster. A young boy named Steve Harmon is on trail for murder. This book shows his life and the court case. You will watch other documentary about similar cases.

The Odyssey

This is one of the last books read in English. You will learn all about Odysseus' adventure. You will do worksheets and packets. You will watch move clips. You will also watch The Odyssey movie.

Independent Reading

For the four nine weeks of school you will read one book each nine weeks. You will get to choose your book. You have a certain amount of weeks to read. There will be a goal to read so many pages a week and a day. Then you will meet at a time with Mrs. Allen to have a book talk.

My Favorite

I liked the independent reading. We were able to choose our own book and have our own time to finish it. Then we could discus our book with Mrs. Allen.

My least Favorite

My least favorite was Romeo and Juliet. This reading took long. It was difficult to remember many of the people. I really was just not interested.


You should do your homework. You should study for any test or quizzes. You need to be and stay organized. Do things early instead of late. Keep your bonus card.

5 Ways to Stay Organized

  • Keep your binder organized
  • Keep all papers
  • Do all assignments
  • Ask for help
  • Be neat
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