Ancient Greece

BY:Christian Lovell


This will be about Ancient Greece. The fir topic that I'm going to do is the city-states and their colonies. One thing about that topic is that there are 20,000 thousand citizens. The 2nd one is the slavery in ancient greece. One thing about that topic is two-fith of the population were slaves. The final one is the Beginnings of ancient Greece. One thing about that topic is that their language are Indo-European speaking.

The beginning of ancient greece

Their language are indo-European speaking. The land that these tribes invaded the Aegean basin. Gold and bronze are use to make pottery and painting. The greek invaders were still in the barbarian stage. And also greeks / hellens were simple nomadic herdsmen.

The greek city-states and their colonies

The greeks has 20,000 thousand citizens. They were force to fight foe troy. Ancient Greece never never became a nation. There was little fishing village had to defend itself from land or sea. The greek city were separated by mountain ranges.

Slavery in Ancient Greece

A very large part of population was not free. Two-fith of the population were slaves. slavery in Greece was a peculiar institution. slaves produce much of the wealth that gave citizens money to pursue art and learning. And also kidnapping boys/men were in the barbarian.


I learned about how slavery work in Ancient Greece. I Learned what the population is. And another thing that I learned is that language is Indo-European speaking. I learned that two-fith of the population were slaves. And that what I learned about Ancient Greece.


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