The Anasazi Tribes

By: Chris A, Cassie, Emma, Mattew, and Sam


The anasazi lived in mountains in the desert. These deserts were located in the four corners where the states known as now are New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, and Utah.
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The Anasazi`s built houses that went in to the hill side so they were protected from weather. They didn`t build houses for the first 1,000 years until they started to build there houses out resources such as sandstone and clay. These houses could hold up to 2,000 people and were very sterdy.
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The Anasazi men hunted for bison and buffalo with spears and bow and arrows. The indians would get close and attack. They also ate rabbits, cornbread, crops from there garden, and finally berries.


The indians had families, friends, and ways of learning. They told stories, played games and created music and art.

What they did for fun

They played a game called, "Find the stone" which was where they hid a stone under three things and saw if they could find it aflter they switched it around alot. Also the women made clothes and beautiful pottery.
Life in the Anasazi Tribe