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Google Slides is similar to Microsoft PowerPoint or Keynote on a Mac. This tool allows you to create a presentation and integrate images and multimedia elements. And since it's part of Google Apps, it includes the share feature which helps you bring collaboration into your classroom.
How To: Quick Tutorial for New Google Slides Presentation

Classroom Integration Ideas

Creating an Interactive Virtual Classroom in Google Slides

Bitmojis are becoming increasingly popular as teachers have looked for new ways to connect with their students. If you're asking what a bitmoji is, it is like a cartoon version of yourself you can include on your website and in other platforms online. In my ITF group, we learned about creating virtual classroom spaces in Google Slides using our bitmojis that can then be embedded on our websites or Canvas spaces. This can be a great space to create where you can add links to websites, videos, etc for students to frequently access. Some have used this as a way to create a virtual field trip. Explore the links below to see examples of what other teachers have created and see if how it can inspire you to continue growing in your use of technology.

Virtual Field Trips

Bitmoji Craze for Educators (Facebook Group)

Bitmoji for Educators (Twitter)

Make a BItmoji Scene in Google Slides!