The 5 "Cs" to Staying organized and uptodate on homework during remote learning

1- Claim an area and call it your "Study Area". Have all your school supplies set up so you get in the zone and get your school work done.

2- Create a schedule where you spend 1 hour per subject.

3- Communicate with your teachers, send them emails or messages through schoology and inquire about any misunderstanding.

4- Complete your work on a weekly basis and stay uptodate. You can fall behind very quickly. Then it will be hard to catch up.

5- Check INOW account for your grades and figure out if you missed any assignment or homework. Submit a late form and do it.

Read the article below, it has several helpful pointers.

Remote Learners: Staying in Touch!

You can easily become disconnected during remote learning.

If you are a remote or hybrid learner do the following:

  • Connect with one hybrid friend to keep you in touch with current school activities.
  • Connect with one remote friend to make sure you're holding each other accountable.
  • Check OMS Facebook page for latest news.
  • Project Due Dates? verify dates and submit on time.
  • Keep a Google Calendar, plug important dates and check it daily!
  • Talk to your Parents/Guardians about any upcoming school events
  • Practice health safety, wear your mask in public at all times.
  • If you feel disconnected, reach out to Mrs. Malek at
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School Information

Check out the school Facebook page often for the latest news, announcements and closings.