Real World Hero: Lincoln Alexander

Lincoln Alexander by Brody

Lincoln Alexander was a black lawyer who had big dreams to change racial discrimination. He was born in Toronto 1922 and he served in many things like the Royal Canadian Air Force. He attended Osgoode Hall law school in Toronto counsel. He was appointed a member of the Queens Counsel. In 1979 he was the first black member of parliament to be appointed to the federal cabinet. He became Lieutenant Governor of Ontario-and official representative of her majesty Queen Elizabeth 2. He was awarded alot with the man of the year award in 1982. In 1989 he won the outstanding citizen award and won the first ever canadian unity award. In 1992 he was granted the Canada 125 medal. He was always fighting to eliminate racial discrimination, and tried to encourage young people to find their own ways to do the same. Lincoln was a big piece of Canadian history and he was very important in racial rights.
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What is hero.

A hero is someone you can rely on. Heroes can be anyone. They can be dogs, they can be a man with no eyes. Overall, a hero is someone that helps you. Most known hero are superpower heroes but those aren't the real hero. Heroes are people who make a change in the world. For example, Lincoln Alexander was a hero because he was known for what he did in his life not by his looks or culture. He was black and he followed his dreams and ended up making a change in the world. As you can see a hero can by anybody. What is important is that a hero believes in themselves and their actions.
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