Ban of tattoos and piercings

Yesica Villegas & Hector Macias

Identifying the issue

  • The issue with tattoos was that in military they were only allowed in some certain places of the body.
  • The rule about being in military are that you can only wear one set and it could only be ear piercing, because you're not allowed so have many holes.

Describing the issue

The issue with wearing piercing or tattoos in the army's is because it show a bad image of the soldiers but now they're trying to change the rules and not make it so strict about what is and isn't allowed.

What effect does the issue have on military personnel

It effects the military appearance because they are suppose to be looking sharp

They have to set a example for everyone looking up to them

How the American public view the issue

There's some people who agree and other who don't.

Most people don't, because there shouldn't be nothing wrong with having tattoos it's their bodies

How the military views the issue

they are being more lien ant about the situation because they have realized the generations are changing

Are trying to change the policy of tattoos because they are to may strict policies

What programs/resources are in place to help combat the program

They are putting more rules in where they can and cannot have tattoos

Commanders must check every solider to make sure they have not violated the new rules

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