Howe Middle School Week Four

Continuous Learning Week of April 27, 2020

Middle School Resources

Mrs. Casey's 6th Grade Resources

6th Grade Reading Assignment Week 4 for Mrs. Casey:

MONDAY: Listen to chapters 7, 8, and 9. Answer the following questions and email them back.

1. What did the girls pretend they could see across the ocean?

2. Who has died?

3. When Uncle Henrik said to Annemarie, it is easier to be brave when you don't know everything, what do you think that means?

WEDNESDAY: Listen to chapters 10, 11, and 12. Answer the following questions and email them back.

1. What did Mama tell the soldiers had happened to Great-Aunt Birte?

2. What was actually in the casket?

3. Where did Annemarie find Mama?

Mrs. Hardin's Learning Resources Week Four

Mrs. Rudy's Class Resources

Hello Howe parents and students! I am Mrs. Kris Rudy. I assist students with completing core subject and elective assignments. My main focus is math and science, but I am glad to assist in any subject as needed.

I am using YouCan for scheduling appointments. The link is: . Please select a time and let me know what method of contact works best for you: Email, phone call, or even a WebX video conference.

I can also schedule appointments by email, please reach out to me if your student needs assistance at .

Mrs. Ford's Class Resources

Monday at 11 am: MS PRIDE Video Chat

(Check your email for link.)

MS Connections

No remind for this class! Check your email!

Google Classroom Code: 33fykv7

If you haven’t completed the questionnaire about your online class, here’s a link:

If you are not 75% or more complete with your class AND passing, please continue working!

Also, check out Google Classroom for activities you might enjoy!

MS PRIDE (Gifted and Talented 6-8)

To join Remind: kgkb23

Google Classroom Code: 2kfbk5a

  1. We will have a video chat on Monday at 11! We will have a special art class with our Artist-in-Residence.
  2. We will update Google Classroom with the details and supplies you will need.
  3. There are a LOT of options for you to check out in Google Classroom on your own!