And How To Make It

Ever wondered how to make champagne for your own holiday celebrations? Impress your family and friends by following this recipe, and with dedication you can very well make your own bottle of fine champagne!

~A Recipe for Champagne~

Makes: 1 bottle (25 ounces)

Ingredients for Wine

· 100 white grapes

· 3 teaspoons of sugar

· 1 batch of yeast (see How to Make Yeast)

Ingredients for Yeast

· 2 cups of white grapes

· 1 cup of orange juice

· 1 teaspoon of sugar

How to Make Yeast

Step 1: Place the grapes in a glass bowl and crush them so that their juice can be used. Add orange juice until the fruit is just covered. Add sugar. Stir well, then cover it with a cloth or kitchen towel. Place bowl in a warm area, from 75 to 80 degrees.

Step 2: Let the mixture sit and ferment for a day or two until it has formed at least an inch of a foam layer on the top. Stir the mixture every 6 hours or so during this time, because the oxygen helps with the fermentation.

Step 3: Stir the mixture well and pour it through a coarse strainer. Use for wine mixture.

How to Make Champagne

Step 1: Add sugar and pre-made yeast to 100 profusely smashed white grapes. Stir and put in a thick walled glass bottle and it seal with a bottle cap. Place in a cool cellar (55-60 degrees) and let slowly ferment for five years.

Step 2: After letting the bottle age, place it upside down in a holder at a 75 degree angle. Once a day turn the bottle 1/8th of a turn while still keeping it upside down. Keep the neck of the bottle in an ice bath.

Step 3: Repeat Step 2 for three more years. Then pop open the chilled bottle for your long awaited drink of champagne. Enjoy!
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