Character Description

Pozzo is a well dressed man. He seems to have some money behind his name. He is a very dominating man. Pozzo is very obsessed with time. He seems to be a deep thinker.

Weathly (Economics)

Pozzo is a wealthy, well dressed man. He even has a slave that does what ever he says. Pozzo speaks of getting rid of his current slave and replacing him with a new one like it is no big deal. In the play Waiting for Godot, Pozzo is repeatedly shown to be a man with a huge ego that things he is so much better than everyone else, including Didi and Gogo.
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Educated (Education)

Pozzo is an educated man, which is made clear in Waiting for Godot, by the way he talks to Didi and Gogo. The way that he speaks about how the night falls with such intelligent vocabulary and theoretically comparing it to death, shows how Pozzo has an expanded mind. Also perhaps because of his wealthy economic status it means he got where he is because of a good education.
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Lonely (Family)

Pozzo seems to be very lonely. All he has is his slave Lucky. Perhaps because of the fact that Pozzo is so lonely is the reason why he has a sort of obsession with time. He constantly checks the time and refers to time, as though he is always suffering as time flies by. Also he is very concerned with his age maybe because time is passing by too fast for him when he hasn't even experienced true happiness alongside loved ones.