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11 February 2016

Upcoming Dates

14 February Reading Challenge begins
20 –25th March —Reading Challenge ends, reading logs to be collected by the 25th
25 February PTO Chili Supper and Silent Auction
29 February Year book orders due

Our Week

Dear Parents,

Another great week in first grade! February is dental health month and we began our study of teeth by reading the book How Many Teeth? We are learning about the different parts of teeth, kinds of teeth, and the jobs of different teeth. We learned that sharp front teeth are for biting and cutting. Pointy canines or dog teeth are for grabbing and tearing and flat molars are for grinding and chewing. We’re talking about developing good brushing habits at home. All of our workjobs this week have had a tooth theme. Kids are reading up a storm, working with high frequency words, rhyming, and writing sentences with new vocabulary words to name a few!

Since the beginning of the year, we have kept track of how many teeth we’ve lost each month. Every time someone lost a tooth, they wrote their name on that month’s tooth. One of our workjobs this week involved making a graph of the teeth lost each month since the beginning of school. Students worked to use our data to create a graph and then wrote about the information they could learn from the graph.

We continued our graphing with conversation heart math. We estimated how many candies we thought we had in our box, counted, tallied and recorded. We found the difference between our estimation and actual number, found the difference between the most common and least common and figured out how many more of each color we’d need to make a compliment of 10. We graphed our hearts by color. We worked with probability. We made predictions, given a bag of hearts, what color was most likely to be chosen and worked to explain our thinking.

We followed up our reading of My Map Book in which a boy draws a map of all kinds of different things, from his tummy, dog, day, neighborhood and heart, by making our own maps of our hearts. Your kids were most eloquent about the people, places and things that fill their hearts.

We’ve been working with the strategy of finding easier problems to solve addition and subtraction problems while focusing on finding tens. We worked with "near tens" and "doubles plus one". With a near ten problem, such as 9 + 5, one thinks the easy ten problem 10 + 5 = 15, and since 9 is one less 9 + 5 must be 14. Most of us know the doubles and we can use those to help us with problems that have two consecutive numbers. So, to solve 5 + 6 = ?; we think 5 + 5 = 10. Therefore, 5 + 6 must be one more or 11.

We've been working on finding the nearest ten and using this information to estimate what a reasonable answer would be. So, when looking at the problem 32 + 48, we might think the nearest ten to 32 is 30 and the nearest ten to 48 is 50. Therefore, I would expect my answer to be about 80. We've also been focusing on finding differences. These problems tend to be trickier for us than just subtracting. For example: It was 29 degrees in the morning and 45 degrees at lunch. How much warmer was it at lunch time.

In our biography study, we read a Caldecott winning biography of Duke Ellington and enjoyed how the similes in the book were reflected in the illustrations. We summarized the story: Duke Ellington was a famous jazz musician and decided the lesson we learned was if you practice hard at something you can get really good at it.

Rogers School is participating in IU's Grand Slam Literacy Program this year. Please see the informational letter from IU about the program below. Reading log and a copy of the letter is coming home today. We ran out of time and didn't get a chance to really talk about it.

Have a great weekend!

Laura B.

A Letter From the Indiana University Department of Intercollegiate Athletics

Grand Slam Literacy


We are so excited for your children to participate in this year’s Grand Slam for Literacy
Challenge! This program is sponsored by the Indiana University Athletic Department and the IU INSPIRE Living Learning Center out of the IU School of Education. Beginning February 14th, we are challenging your child to read different amounts per week based on their grade. The challenge will last five weeks, ending on March 20th. If they complete the challenge, they will earn a free ticket to an IU baseball game on either April 9th or 10th when the Hoosiers face Big Ten Rival Purdue. At the game there will be a photo booth, free prizes, temporary tattoos, and much more! As a part of the experience, students will be able to run the bases after the game and talk to a few of the baseball players afterwards too!

We are also giving away a chance to do extra activities as well. Students will be split into 3groups: kindergarten and first, second and third, and fourth through sixth. The student who read the most from each group will get to throw out the first pitch of the game. The second through fifth highest readers from each group will get to go out on the field for the national anthem. Finally the sixth through tenth highest readers from each group get to lead Bart Kaufman field in the singing of “Take Me Out to the BallGame” during the seventh inning stretch. If your child makes it into to one of these categories, we will send a letter home indicating so.

As parents, you may purchase tickets in advanced for $2 each. If you wait to buy them at the day of the event, they will cost $5. We will be sending ticket order forms home after collecting all reading logs. Tickets will be available to pick-up at the game your school is assigned. Your school’s chosen game day will be determined after reading logs are collected. We will not be able to make changes for the given game date for your school. We will indicate this in the ticket order form. We are expecting parents and guardians to supervise their children the day of the event. Before entering the game, we will check to make sure each child is accompanied by an adult.

I hope you take this opportunity to help your child gain a love of reading! Studies show that students who read more, score higher on standardize tests. We hope you and your student will complete this challenge! See you in April at Bart Kaufman Field.

Neely Slawson
Assistant Director of Service Learning and Community Engagement
Indiana University Department of Intercollegiate Athletics
1001 E. 17th Street
Bloomington, IN 47408

Rachel Green
Grand Slam for Literacy Founder

Lexi Moore
Student Coordinator

Grand Slam Literacy Important Dates

Important Dates:
• February 14th—
Reading Challenge begins
• March 20 –25th—
Reading Challenge ends, reading logs to be collected by the 25th
• April 1st—
Last day to collect ticket order forms
• April 9—
IU Baseball Game at 2:05pm or April 10th – IU Baseball Game at 1:05pm
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Spelling Words

Spelling is taking a vacation this week!

Women Build

This is the 15th year for Habitat for Humanity of Monroe County Women Build and my fourth build. Volunteer women builders from Monroe County join together from April 29 - May 14 to raise the funds and build two homes for families in Monroe County, as well as sponsor a house for a family in El Salvador.

The funds raised during Women Build sponsor the land, infrastructure, and materials needed for the homes, as well as the homeowner education training each family is required to complete before moving in. When Habitat builds a home, the owners pay a mortgage that funds another home until eventually they build a community. Overall, it takes 11 days to build a house – approximately 3200 volunteer hours.

My find raising goal this year is $1,000. if you you like to join in helping provide affordable housing to families in Monroe County, please visit my donation page: