The Absolutely True Diary

of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie

Main Characters

Junior : He grew up on the Spokane Indian Reservation also he was born with multiple medical problems .

Rowdy: Is juniors best friend and he's been with him for a while and always protecting junior but he has anger issues because his dad hits him and when he gets mad he hits other people/objects but he will never hit junior .

Mary Runs Away : Lightning bolt tattoo on the back of the neck she looks like J-Lo and she is juniors sister .

Penelope : Junior says she's Absolutely gorgeous and is juniors crush .

Mr.P : 4' tall, bald, skinny, forgets things easily and is juniors teacher .


The setting in this book in a town where he is suppose too attend an all white school to get better eduction .


The conflict in this book is that junior is being picked on because he was born with various medical problems they call him names since he's been going too that all white school people bully him because of his race and how he looks .

Plot Summary

Junior is a teenage boy with a pretty tough life. He lives in poverty on a Spokane Indian Reservation and is also the son of two alcoholics. He's also a hydrocephalic, which means he was born with "water on the brain" and is most likely to get seizures. This makes him the reservation "weirdo" and he's regularly beaten up and picked on by almost everybody the only person he has to protect him is his best friend Rowdy . Junior is hilarious, talented and draws cartoons .He hates living in poverty and dreams of something better for himself . Junior threw his geometry book at Mr.p's face when he saw his moms name on the front cover that means they've been using the same text book for atleast 30 years thats means that school is poor so he got mad due to the lack of recourses the school . Junior decides that going to a different school to get decent education would be a good idea so he is gonna go to a all white school twenty-two miles away in the town of Reardan. Junior has some trouble fitting in . At the end Rowdy tells Junior about a dream that he had in which Junior was standing on the Great Wall of China. Rowdy tells Junior that in the dream he was happy for him .


"It sucks to be poor, and it sucks to feel that you somehow deserve to be poor. You start believing that you're poor because you're stupid and ugly. "

"Poverty doesn't give you strength or teach you lessons about perseverance. No, poverty only teaches you how to be poor."