The Diary of Anne Frank

Mrs. Van Pels

Mrs Van Pels

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Mrs. Van Daan. 1900. n.p


Auguste Van Pels was born on September 29 1900. She married Herman Van Pels in 1925. she was always the cook of the house. Their son Peter was born on November 8 1926. They all went into hiding on July 19 1942. After living there for a little over 2 years they are caught and arrested. They go to Aushwitz/Burkenau concentration camp on September 3 1944. Mrs. Van Pels dies in the first half of April in 1945.

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Mrs. Van Pels. 1924., n.p.

Always have hope even in hard times

In the Diary of Anne Frank, the theme "always have hoped even in hard times" is seen throughout. There were many times where all the people in the annex showed hope, even in hard times. During the Hanukkah celebration, Anne brought out presents to cheer everyone up for Hanukkah. "No it isn't, I've got something, Presents" (403)! Even though they were all feeling helpless, the upcoming Hanukkah celebration would cheer them up. "We are all here alive, that's present enough" (403). There is a lots of hope shown in this book because they always keep on moving and having a good attitude even after they fight.

Never stop loving family

In the Diary of Anne Frank, the theme "never stop loving family" is seen throughout. All the families in the annex had to show this theme a lot because they always faught. They especially had to show this when Mr Van Daan sells Mrs Van Daans coat. "Just a minute Miep, there is something I'd like for you to do for me" (414). This theme is shown in this many time because there was always tension in the house. Another example of this theme is when Dussel complains about Mrs Van Daan cutting the cake in a unfair way. "And please, Mrs Frank should cut the cake" (413). There is many other time that the 'family' faught and were mad at each other but always made up.

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Mrs. Van Pels and her fur coat

Mrs. Van Pels fur coat represents her in many ways. One way is when she was talking about that her father gave it to her. This shows that she is loving because she loved her father. Another time was when Mr. Van Pels was gonna sell it and she let him because he knew that they needed money to stay alive in the house. This shows that she would take sacrifices for her family and the rest of the people.