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I just had to share the photo below. My three boys were extremely proud of their creation. Lets just say that the snow ball fight did not end well for me. I am a little outnumbered these days. And, wasn't the snow perfect for packing yesterday?

Have a great week with your students!

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The staff meeting scheduled for 2/3 has been moved to 2/24. The staff meeting on 2/24 will be dedicated to sharing information about ISTEP testing that begins the following week. We are beginning to draft a schedule for ISTEP and we know that students will be taking additional tests this year. Once we have the schedule finalized, we will share it with everyone. However, we know that we will have a modified schedule of some kind on 3/3, 3/4 and 3/5.

New this year is the addition of several practice tests that we must also administer. We have tentatively planned for students to work through these practice tests on 2/25. There is still much to learn about how we need to administer these new practice tests so please stay tuned.


Week 24

2/10: Lesson 2 on Perseverance

2/12: Lesson 1 on learning from failure

9 Statements Of Affirmation For Teaching (& Coaching) A Growth Mindset

1. I can use technology to make both my own and my students’ learning richer.

2. I can risk trying new learning activities

3. I can bring my and my students’ passions into learning activities.

4. I can make one small change at a time in my learning environment.

5. I can let go of my need to control all variables.

6. I can find ways to change even under adversity.

7. I value my relationships with my students (even over content).

8. I can network and connect with others for resources, assistance, and support.

9. I can make a difference in students’ lives.

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