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The purpose of this weekly newsletter is to provide professional development, support and resources to foster adult learning and student achievement. You will find offerings from Instructional Support Services, Distance Learning and Model Schools Teams.

Teaching In Remote Learning Environments PD

These workshops are offered at no cost to participants, as it is supported by the Teaching in the Remote Learning Environment (TRLE) grant.

SEL Topic 4: Classroom Based SEL Activities

In this session, we will be exploring ways we can purposefully and practically check in with our students well-being, social-emotional skills and classroom experiences.

May 26th @ 2:30 PM

Register in MLP.

SEL Topic 5: Leadership for SEL

July 15th @ 9:00 AM

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SEL Topic 6: Integrating SEL into a Culturally Relevant Classroom

August 11th @ 2:30 PM

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The Science of Reading: A Defining Movement Coalition

What is does the phrase "science of reading" mean? Click here to read the shared definition.

NGLS Professional Development Options

The CiTi School Improvement Team is focused on supporting teachers and leaders with the implementation of high quality, rigorous curriculum and the continuous improvement of instruction aligned with the Next Generation Learning Standards.

Dignity for All Students Act: Required Training for Certification/Licensure (Teachers, Administrators, Teaching Assistants, Coaches, etc)

Six hour training in Harassment, Bullying, Cyberbullying and Discrimination in Schools.

In Person: June 23rd 2021 8:30-3:30. Register in MLP.

A friendly reminder that all Arts in Ed requests must be submitted in the next month because we will no longer be taking new requests after May 21st.

Arts Leadership Final Meeting

The Arts Leadership Network would like to invite everyone to join us as we wrap up our year in breaking down the Art/Music standards on Wednesday, May 12th at 4 pm. We will be discussing the vertical growth of standard 10.1 from K - HS. We will also be discussing and reflecting on what pieces worked well this year that we will transfer to next year and what things need to change.

To register for the meeting please follow this MLP link.

Link to ZOOM

If you weren't able to join us last month you are welcome to visit the website we have created as a landing zone for all the recorded discussions as well as any materials we used during the event. We encourage participants to join the discussion each month, but if you miss it, you can always catch up by going to the website where everything will be uploaded. We hope to see you this afternoon and if you haven't already signed up, please reach out directly to so we can ensure you get the link to join.

We have partnered with DCMO BOCES to continue growing our list of virtual opportunities for this school year. Like all of you, our artists are working hard to modify and adapt to the changing learning environment and are continuously adding new enrichment opportunities that can now be enjoyed virtually. We currently have over 80 high-quality virtual opportunities for students and schools to enjoy with more being added daily. If you have any questions regarding a specific program please feel free to reach out to

Onward: Cultivating Emotional Resilience in Educators - Year Long Inward Journey/Book Study

Back by popular demand! Let's build our resilience together with a year long exploration of habits and dispositions.

To learn more, please check out the full listing in MLP.

In Person Opportunity: The Power of Collective Teacher Efficacy

Jenni Donohoo explains that collective efficacy is the believe that, through collective actions, educators can influence student outcomes and improve student learning. Together, we will explore the impact of individual beliefs and collective beliefs on student achievement. We will engage in practices that facilitate growth in our beliefs--especially considering our influential role.


For more details and registration click here.

Book Study: The Teenage Brain

Written for parents and educators, Frances E. Jensen, MD explores the adolescent brain function and development in the context of learning and multitasking, stress and memory, sleep, addiction, and decision making. **Updated dates**

Read the full description and register here.

Book Study: What We Say and How We Say it Matter

We all want our students to feel safe, collaborate well with others, feel ownership for their learning, and be joyfully engaged in their work. What teachers say to students--when they praise or discipline, give directions or ask questions, and introduce concepts or share stories--all affects student learning and behavior.

Read the full description and register here.

Writing Practice as Resilience Practice and Book Chat: Writing Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg

This summer journey will invite the participant to come with a journal, a pen that glides across the page and a copy of Natalie Goldberg's Writing Down the Bones. This is not just about writing practice, whether you want to be a writer or just a casual scribbler. It is also a way to view writing as study of the mind, as self-discovery and a Zen-like activity. All of this can lead to greater self-awareness, insight and resilience. We will gather on Zoom once a week for 6 weeks for 90 minutes. Learn more and register in MLP.

Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation for Educator Resilience

Life can feel quite scattered and stressful, even on our best days, let alone when life holds disruption and uncertainty. We tend to walk through our days living in the past or future, rehashing and rehearsing, and spend very little time in the present moment. Mindfulness Meditation is the intentional directing of attention on the present moment experience with loving awareness. The goal is to rest in this awareness and cultivate an open heart and open mind. This 6 week course will offer the foundations of Mindfulness Meditation that can support resilience and open-hearted awareness.

Learn more and register in MLP.

**Virtual Book Study- Summer PD

Talking Through Reading and Writing: Online Reading Conversation Journals. Written by Christine Walsh and Dan Rose (Oswego County Educators) Teachers are guided on how to use online journaling to connect, engage and motivate students. Click here to read the full description and to register.

Content of book study aligns to Next Gen Standards: Lifelong Practices of Readers and Writers

Big picture

Harnessing the Power: Google and Microsoft - Strengths and Limitations

Online Sessions from 1:00 - 2:00 PM (Zoom) Please register on MLP.

5/18 Microsoft Publisher & Google Suite
In this session, you will explore the differences between how Google and Microsoft handle publishing and basic paint/drawing tools. First, we will look at Publisher and understand the limitations of Publisher files and publishing generically in Google. We'll close out by comparing and contrasting Microsoft Paint and Google Drawings. We'll also have a quick detour of the Snipping Tool, and how to take screenshots on Chromebook devices.