keep alaska clean

forget your oil dream!

Our Land, Our Voice.

Our land is home to many of the worlds great wonders. Imagine an Alaska, where the salmon don't make their majestic migration to the ocean. Imagine an Alaska where the orca whales do not bound through the icy waves, where the bald eagle does not soar in free air. Just think about your Alaska, covered in smog and sludge, at risk for oil spills, drowned in a droning sound of oil machinery. I know that no one wants to live in that Alaska. This is our land, and if we do not give it a voice, no one will.

Join Us!

What Can We Do?

Many people do not realize that you only need a little good to defeat a lot of evil. You can help keep oil rigs out of Alaska by simply joining a campaign like this one. We attend homeowner association meetings, make flyers like this one, and create websites and signs. Simply giving us a call could save the Alaska we all love.

About Us

We are a homegrown group of activists who have one goal: to save our Alaska. Join us to save the land you love!