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If you’re really serious about giving your medicine cabinet an all-natural, better- than-organic makeover, then consider joining Team Tikvah and click “join me” to experience all that dōTERRA has to offer.

I would LOVE to welcome you to my dōTERRA team; you are just a few clicks away from joining me on this fabulous adventure of turning your medicine cabinet into health and wellness.

I absolutely love the life our family has created with dōTERRA. I was new to direct sales, but since I fully engaged, my life has drastically changed and I’ve been instrumental in helping others make that same change as well. Financially, I am extremely successful at what I do and the best part is, I have been able to help many others achieve incredible success as well, in both natural health as well as financial success. I LOVE helping others and dōTERRA has given me the platform to reach the masses. I am grateful this door of opportunity opened for me.

Now is the time to get your own dōTERRA wholesale membership* (similar to a Sam’s Club or Costco membership). Membership does NOT require you to sell or stock products. This can be for your own personal use. However, if you chose to build a business, I’m here to help you with that too. The cheapest and the BEST way to get oils is to open a wholesale account, and then you get a 30% discount when you purchase your first kit.

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