All About Me

By: Maddie Sibley

I like to play sports!!

My favorite sports are softball, basketball, gymnastics, and field hockey. The reason I love to play these sports because i am good at them. I also play them because they are fun to play. I also made the Field Hockey team at Snyder. I was so happy!!!!!

I love to do dance!!!!!!!

Also, one of my favorite sports is dance. I love to do dance because it is fun and i am good at it. I do tap and jazz/hip-hop dance. I have been dancing at Fitzpatrick dance for 10 years this will be my 11th year dancing.

I love math and science.

I love my IPhone!!!!

My favorite thing to do when I get home from school is going on my IPhone. I love my IPhone because it is fun to use. I love to listen to music to on my IPhone.

I love to cheer.

I love to cheer. My favorite thing to do in cheer is stunting. I love going to competitions because they are fun to go to because we get to see if we did good and won.

I love to go to the beach!!!

This summer I went to Myrtle Beach. It was so fun!!!!! I went for 1 week. I went on July 6th through the 13th. I had an awesome time. It was the best place i have been to besides Florida. I went to the beach everyday. I also went to the pool and on the one day we went to the WATER PARK!! It was so funnnnnn!!!!

I love my dog

I have a West Highland Terrier. I got her in February of 2005. We got her on a Farm. When I get home from school I love to play with her.