Tech Tidbits from Your ITS

5 EdTech Tools To Try

1) Bloomz App: A parent communication tool. Install this app on your mobile device to share pictures from class, post announcements, sign up parents for meetings, volunteer sign ups and wish lists.

2) Formative: Create an assignment and distribute digitally to students. View live results and provide students feedback. Students can draw their responses.

3) Pear Deck: Teachers and students love Pear Deck for interactive presentations.

4) GoNoodle: Get students up and moving!!!

5) Google Classroom: Classroom’s clean, simple interface and tight Google Drive integration allows teachers to create an organized, efficient digital workflow. Distributing and collecting assignments, posting announcements, and having online discussions with students is a breeze.

Rave Reviews

Two questions to ask before using technology in the classroom.

  1. Does it enhance student learning and/or teacher teaching skills?
  2. Does it enhance student engagement?

These teachers are seeing an increase in student engagement as they're learning! Keep up the good work! If anyone would like details on what they've done, see me or the teachers who used these in their class!

Kindergarten - (MBES) Ms. Holt's EDK class is currently using Pixie to review decomposing numbers. We've started this whole-group, and once the students get the hang of it, it will be something Ms. Holt will be able to assign as a computer center.

1st Grade - (WWES) The first grade classes used Pixie to have their students draw and label the parts of a plant to demonstrate what they learned in class.

2nd Grade - (WWES) Ms. Johnson, long-term sub for Ms. Geller, introduced the students to Google Classroom. She and Ms. Geller are both teachers in the online classroom and both are able to see all of the student's work! The student's first experience with Google Classroom went amazing as we logged on, found our class, and responded to the first assignment Ms. Johnson assigned.

3rd Grade - (WWES) Ms. Borchers used Google Classroom to complete her Simple Machines Performance Task. Students completed their research and then used Google Docs to type a Textbook Article with pictures.

(MBES) 3rd Grade used Google Slides to have the students report out on their research of the Gifts of the Greeks. The pictures and text demonstrated what contributions the Greeks made to modern society.

(MBES) Ms. Ragland's class used an interactive Google Slides to view and respond to videos on Simple Machines. Students also answered questions, inserted pictures, and made connections between the Google Slides and what was done in class. It was a modern version of an interactive notebook!

Special Characters & Google

Have you ever wanted to insert a special character into a document, but couldn't remember the name of the symbol? Google has a special feature in Docs, Slides and Drawings that allows you to draw the symbol you're looking for, and Google will search for it. Sometimes the shape of what we're looking for is more memorable than the name. Check out the video below of how the author searches for and inserts the ampersand.
How to Insert Special Characters in Google Docs, Slides, and Drawings

Quote to Ponder

"We need technology in every classroom and in every student and teacher's hand, because it is the pen and paper of our time, and it is the lens through which we experience much of our world." ~ David Warlick

Jamie Frederick

Instructional Technology Specialist

Malibu ES & Windsor Woods ES