Civics Film Fest


This is your chance to speak your mind and share your opinion on a current event related to civics.

What do I include?

#1: pick a topic (a current event.)

#2: critically review this topic.

#3: add relevant details the viewer needs to know to have a better understanding of your ideas on the event.

#4: conclude with a brief summary of the topic.

Video Options

Flip Card Video

Share your story through short messages written on paper. To help the viewers, limit the text per card and make sure you leave enough time for for viewers to read your cards.
Did Matt Masters Burgener just quit?!?!

RMR| Rick Mercer Rant

The classic rant. Pick your topic and unload your 2 cents in a short video. This is a knock out blow of a meal served with a healthy side of passion and attitude.
RMR: Rick's Rant - Small-Time Election Promises

Mock News

Select a current event reported in the news and provide a satirical review of the event. A very popular form of comedy that mimics a real news cast only with a twist. This requires your team to critically review a current event and find the irony in the reporting of events. A free app to try called Touch Cast works well.
RMR: Blue Jays Afternoon Playoff Games Continue
RMR: Fluid Discovered on Mars


Due Date:

We will have time work on our videos on in class on Tuesday October 20th.

Due date is Wednesday October 21st.