Español 2

February 15-19

Week 5

This week we are starting Unit 3. The students will continue to learn about the past tense in Spanish. They are learning vocabulary about finding an apartment in Spain and what it is like to live in Spain.

Please encourage all students to look at their gradebooks and complete any missing assignments. There are some important dates coming up.
  • March 11 -- Getting started - Unit 4 (first half) will close permanently. So, all missing work must be caught up by then.
  • March 18 - the last half of Unit 4 will close permanently.

Required Live Class Schedule this week ...

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Required Live Class Archives ...

After we finish each unit, I put the link to the archive in the feedback for students. Ideally students attend the sessions live, this is where they will be able to ask questions and get instant answers. But, I know that their schedules can be a little busy. Please encourage students to complete the RLC assignments by the due date.




What is due this week?

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