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Friday, March 16, 2018

Our Flight Plan

Welcome to the Maple Dale Elementary Newsletter! We will share important information and highlight the great things our students and teachers are doing at our school. You can expect this in your inbox each week on Friday afternoons.

Attendance Line: (513) 686-1726

Mark your calendars!

March 16 - Last day of 3rd quarter

Week of March 19 - MAP Testing

1st and 3rd graders are testing on Monday and Wednesday

2nd and 4th graders are testing on Tuesday and Thursday

March 21 - All Pro Dad Breakfast with Mr. Redlegs

March 23 - Report cards sent home

March 26-30 - Spring Break

April 2 - iSpace make-up date

April 6 - Parent form for 2018-2019 placement in the Aviator Air Newsletter

Volunteers STILL Needed for Milers!

Maple Dale Milers Spring session has begun. We are still in need of volunteers on Wednesdays to help run this wonderful program! The Milers program helps students stay healthy and have fun at the same time by participating in this recess walking program. We will need four volunteers during 1st shift (1st & 2nd grade) and three volunteers 2nd shift( 4th & 3rd) to help set up, monitor the kids, and complete minimal paperwork to record the miles. It is a great way to see your children during the school day. Please click link to sign up. Maple Dale Milers Volunteer Sign Up Spring 2018

Get Ready to R...E...A...D!!!

One Book, One School is back, and book lovers at Maple Dale have selected PIE by acclaimed author, Sarah Weeks! With a pinch of mystery and one heaping tablespoon of humor, this novel has all the ingredients that will make your family want to keep turning the pages!

In PIE, the plot is baked to perfection. You’ll meet Alice’s Aunt Polly who has a talent for pie making. The entire city is in love with her famous pies. When Aunt Polly dies, her own family is surprised when she leaves her prize-winning pie crust recipe to her remarkably disagreeable cat, Lardo. Everyone in town is eager to win the next pie making contest. Will they go too far to find out Aunt Polly’s secret recipe? Sarah Weeks has definitely baked up a sweet and satisfying delight. You’ll surely enjoy every last bite!

Thanks to support from our PTO, each family will be receiving a copy of this book to keep forever. Please see the pacing guide so that you know what pages to read at home as a family throughout the months of March and April. Each week at school starting this Friday, students will have the opportunity to earn prizes by answering trivia questions based on the previous week’s reading.

You probably can’t wait to get started! Maple Dale’s One Book, One School Kick off assembly was Wednesday, March 14th, and your family’s book was sent home with your oldest Maple Dale child. Be ready...your child/children will be eager to share this reading experience with friends and family! Carve out some time in your evening each night to join us in promoting the love of reading!

One Book One School Kickoff Presentation

PIE Pacing Guide

Cookbook Kickoff Letter

“Thank you very much!”

Head Lice Notice

​Dear parents,

Head Lice is common among school age children and its incidence varies. Lately we have noticed a slight increase in cases of head lice among our students. Head lice is a nuisance that causes no illness but may cause anxiety among parents. I would encourage all parents to check their children for head lice and treat as needed. The key to a successful treatment is being diligent in removing ALL nits from the hair to prevent recurrence. This may take up to two weeks of daily combing with a fine-tooth metal comb. (Efforts should concentrate on the head and less on the environment in the attempt to eliminate Lice and nits). There is no need to miss school due to head lice. Once Lice shampoo was applied students should return to school, however parents should continue the process of nit- removal daily.

​Students should also be encouraged to avoid head to head contact and keep hair pulled up at school.

Please refer to the following links or call the school nurse for more information on the treatment of head lice.




Thank you for your cooperation!

Julie Muskal RN, BSN, MEd

Maple Dale Elementary School Nurse

Maple Dale Book Swap- May 14,2018


Save a little of your volunteer spirit for the last month of the school year. May 14th is going to be the Annual Maple Dale Book Swap. This is a wonderful Maple Dale tradition!! Last year we had a record number of donated books, each student took home 2-3 books! We also were able to give several hundred leftover books to the Maple Dale and Winton Woods Academy teachers! Please see below for more details and consider helping us this year!!

Maple Dale Elementary students are invited to participate in a Book Swap on May 14, 2018. Bring in your gently used books and trade them in for “new to you” books to read!

Here’s how the Book Swap will work:

From April 30 to May 11 Students may bring in any ‘gently used’ books to their classroom for donation. We will be collecting (Kindergarten through 4th grade appropriate) books brought in by each student.

May 14th Students will be invited to visit the Book Swap tables and select a book of their choice. The number of books students will be allowed to select will be based on the number of books that are donated in total. The more books we get, the more books students will be allowed to take home! However, if a student is unable to donate a book they will still be able to choose a book on the day of the Book Swap.

Please consider volunteering for the Book Swap-


If you have any questions contact: Amie Leigh Reece- amieleighreece@gmail.com

iSpace - TAKE 2

Our second day of iSpace has been rescheduled for Monday, April 2nd. The program, "Living and Working in Space" will return for our 1st graders, 3rd graders, and Mrs. Carey's, Mrs. Howard's and Mrs. Roell's (afternoon) kindergarten classes. We need five volunteers for the morning session (10:15-12:30) and five for the afternoon (12:50-3:00). Volunteers will assist iSpace staff at one of four stations for the students. Those of us who volunteered at the January 11th iSpace day can attest - this is an incredibly fun volunteer experience! The morning session will include the 3rd grade & Mrs. Carey's class. The afternoon session will include the 1st grade, Mrs. Howard's class, & Mrs. Roell's PM class.


Thank you so much! Fingers crossed for a normal school day on April 2nd! :)


iSpace Summer Camps

iSPACE, a local nonprofit, will host 41 week-long summer STEM day camps for kids from kindergarten through high school age. After-care is available. iSPACE camps are engaging, hands-on summer camps that make learning exciting while building skills for success. Kids have so much fun, they don’t even mind they are learning. Visit their website for more information. http://ispacestem.org/summer-camps/


Although your child may or may not have taken the CogAT in December, you may request that your child be tested on the Otis-Lennon School Ability Test (OLSAT). If you wish to have your child participate in this round of testing, all requests must be made through the below online link by March 21, 2018. In order to decrease disruption to your child's instruction, this testing opportunity will take place prior to the start of the school day. We have scheduled this 45-50 minute testing session to be administered from 8:00 to 9:00 a.m. on Friday, April 6, 2018, at Maple Dale.

Please note it is the parents' responsibility to provide transportation the morning of testing to your child’s building. Additionally, know that Sycamore cannot use kindergarten or first grade scores for gifted placement.


Message for Current 2nd and 3rd Grade Parents

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Mental Health Matters

This month in Mental Health Matters we examine GRIT! Grit is the power to persevere and aligns with PBIS, Peacebuilders, AND Growth Mindset!

If you haven't listened to the Angela Duckworth TedTalk before, give it a listen. It really sheds light on Grit and how Grit can make a huge difference for our kids.


Lost & Found


We have a good amount of items in our lost and found. You may want to have a look through the items before spring break, at which time, if things are still left in the lost and found, they will be donated to Matthew 25.

We recommend you put your student's name on the following items to avoid them being put in the lost and found:

  • coats

  • shoes

  • water bottles

  • lunch boxes

  • anything of importance or value

We try really hard to return items back to their owners, however, a name on the item would make it so much easier.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Green Team Request of the Week

Keep bringing in those textiles! As of the end of February, Maple Dale was in 2nd place, just behind Symmes. If you've got socks with holes, shirts with stains, and beat up old shoes, put them in a bag and add them to the bin! Keep bringing in those old cell phones too. Bennett Heyn, a high school senior, will continue to collect these through April.

Not sure about where to recycle certain household items or how to reduce household waste? Hamilton County Recycling and Solid Waste District has a ton of great information on their website. Check it out! Hamilton County Recycling and Solid Waste District Homepage...

Notes from the Nurse

The Maple Dale clinic is in need of the following items: Girls and boys comfortable pants sizes 6-14 and lightly worn shoes for ages 5-10 years (Sizes: 12-13, 1-6). Please save those items and forward to the clinic before putting your donations in the Green Bin.
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