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Principal's Weekly News, May 2nd

Keeping you informed of all the "tracks" we make at school and in our community!

JSE Monthly Attributes

Characteristic of a Successful Learner (CSL): Self-Advocate

Bucket-Filling Trait: Confidence

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It's a Marvelous Monday at JSE

This week we celebrate our teachers and staff during Teacher Appreciation Week. Thank you to the PTO for showing them just how thankful and appreciative we are of their expertise and for the support and knowledge they share with our children each day! If your child would like to write a thank you note to their teacher, please encourage them! Our theme this week is We LOVE our Teachers and Staff! This morning each student received a heart sticker to show their love of their teachers.

This Friday our staff and students will enjoy a special visit with Ms. Kathy Nimmer, the IN Teacher of the Year. Ms. Nimmer visits schools sharing her story of reflection and perseverance with her eye seeing dog, Nacho. We are fortunate to have her visit JSE on her way to present at Valparaiso University.

Tony Kaster and Tito Ruiz, with alternates Katelyn Kehoe and Colton Darr, will represent JSE at the Porter County Spelling Bee this Thursday at Ben Franklin Middle School. We are proud of their hard work and accomplishment! 3rd and 4th graders will soon be given spell bowl lists to practice over the summer for next year's spell bowl team.

End of Year Assessments: Progress reports went home last Thursday, please let us know if you have any questions. 3rd-5th graders completed and did their best on the ISTEP, a rigorous assessment that takes a lot of critical thinking. K-5 will take their final Math and Reading STAR benchmark assessment at the end of May. Upon completion, we will provide you a report of the results. Thank you for continuing to work together with us to support your child's progress!

Proud of JSE,

Leigh Barnes



  • PTO Meeting this week: Second Tuesday of every month 6pm, JSE Cafeteria Next meeting: May 10th*All are welcome!
  • Chocolate Bar SALE in progress~thank you for your sales!
  • Teacher Appreciation Week: May 2nd-5th We LOVE our Teachers and Staff!

Did you miss Kindergarten Round-Up?

This Friday we welcome a group of our future Kindergartners to JSE to get them excited about next year. They will explore our library, computer lab, classrooms, and cafeteria for a snack.

Please call or visit our main office for information. We have information, registration forms, and a tour waiting for you. Before next year we will need to assess your child's learning skills to help us prepare for next year and provide you with summer learning focus skills. Incoming Kindergartners must be 5 years old by August 1st, 2016. Please share with all future JSE Kindergarten Families!

Important Dates:

4/19-5/3 ISTEP Part 2 Assessment

5/2 Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week May 2nd-6th

5/6 and 5/13 Future JSE Kindergarten Visits

5/13 JSE Art Show and Book Fair Week

5/26 Field Day

5/27 School In-Session, Snow Make-Up Day

6/1 5th Grade Recognition 10am

6/1 Last Student Day

Every Friday is Spirit Day! Wear orange and green!

You are always welcome at JSE!

Please let us know how we can strengthen our partnership with you!

Leigh Barnes, Principal

Barb Rittel, Secretary

Chris Fields, Home School Advisor

Kathy Maniszko, School Nurse