Welcome Back to School!

Ms. Brittney's 5th grade class

A Little About Me

This is my first year teaching 5th grade and I am very excited! I am looking forward to getting to know all of the children and helping them grow and develop. I received my teaching degree a couple of years ago from the University of Houston. I have known since I was a little girl that becoming an educator and helping children was my calling. I go about teaching in a hands-on manner, and believe that exploring and experiencing things this way is the most effective way for children to learn, while also thoroughly enjoying doing so.

Classroom Rules

  • We honor the Golden Rule; treat others the way you would like to be treated.
  • We always show respect to one another and use our manners.
  • We keep our hands and feet to ourselves.
  • We raise our hand before we talk and always use inside voices.

Mark Your Calendars!

This school year we have a number of awesome things for our students. Some of the following will be for the school as a whole, while others will be for my class only. There will be more things added onto this list in the future as the school year continues, however, I just wanted to give a heads up on several of the events that are considered to be set in stone for the first three 6 weeks of school. I will be sure to send home reminders as the dates approach.
  • September 16th is Picture Day
  • September 24th is Open House
  • September 25th is Fair Day- no school
  • September 30th is Picnic Day
  • October 12th-21st is the Book Fair
  • October 22nd is our Field Trip to the Museum of Natural Science
  • October 28th is Picnic Day
  • November 5th is the Harvest Festival
  • November 18th is Picnic Day
  • November 25th-29th is Thanksgiving break
  • December 21st- January 3rd is Christmas break

Classroom Highlights

  • Each week, I will randomly pick 2 students to be my helpers. It is important to allow children to help out and feel important. Each student will receive a little reward at the end of the week as my thank you.
  • I will also be picking 1 student at the end of the week for a special prize. This student will have followed all of the classroom rules, been kind and helpful to his or her peers and other teachers or administrators they come across; basically being an overall wonderful role model. Due to fairness, the same student will not be picked during the same 6 week period.
  • I believe it is important to keep our environment beautiful and healthy. I would to teach this to the students by making it available to them to pick up a few pieces of trash they might see on the ground during recess. In doing so, I will reward them with a small piece of candy.
  • At the end of every 6 week period, if every student receives no more than 3 warnings, I will reward the class by playing bingo at the end of the day for prizes of their choosing.


I will be available every morning before school begins from around 7:15-7:45. I will also be available after school on most days until at least 3:30.

Feel free to call, text, or e-mail me whenever you'd like with any questions, comments or concerns.

My e-mail is: bronayne@uisd.edu

My phone number is: (281)777-2359

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